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Adam Wallace and Ingrid Laguna
Grade 3- Year 10

Adam Wallace and Ingrid Laguna empower students through the magic of improv and the art of writing, a dynamic duo on a mission to ignite bravery and confidence in every student.
In their unique and engaging workshops, presentations and performances tailored for grades 3–10, Adam and Ingrid weave an entertaining tapestry of humour, improvisation, and interactive writing activities. With a wealth of experience amassed over 30 years, 700 school visits, and over 150 books, they’ve mastered the art of sparking ideas and nurturing young minds.

In these sessions, students will unleash their creativity as they:

  • Dive into adventurous writing prompts
  • Take courageous leaps to share their unique ideas
  • Participate in improv activities that build confidence

The transformative impact on students is profound, leaving them with:

  • Fresh insights into the craft of writing
  • Heightened personal confidence
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Strengthened bonds with peers

But the magic doesn’t stop there! Ingrid and Adam extend their expertise to educators through engaging and enjoyable professional development sessions. Teachers will discover:

  • The keys to inspiring outstanding writing without needing to be professional writers themselves
    • Techniques for creating a safe and inspired classroom environment, encouraging students to express their thoughts fearlessly
  • Writing activities intricately linked to the curriculum, making the writing process an enjoyable journey
  • Strategies to captivate even the most reluctant writers, turning their hesitation into a willingness to put words on the page.

Get ready to embark on an educational adventure where creativity knows no bounds, and students and teachers alike are inspired to explore the limitless possibilities within the world of learning and writing.

PLEASE NOTE: Adam Wallace is fully booked for term 3. Please consider booking in term 2 or 4 or booking Ingrid for one of her amazing solo sessions.

Books by Adam Wallace and Ingrid Laguna

Bailey Finch Takes a Stand

A heartwarming story about a young girl taking action to clean up her local creek, from beloved middle-grade author Ingrid Laguna.

Bailey’s mum had always said that being by the creek with Bailey and her dad was as good as it gets. She had shown Bailey sap glistening on tree trunks. They had crouched together to nudge a beetle onto a leaf. They had sat on the creek’s edge with their bare feet in the water.

It’s one year since Bailey’s mum died. And her dad doesn’t seem to care much about anything. But Bailey still spends afternoons by the creek with her dog, Sheba.

Until Sheba gets sick-very sick-from something she must have swallowed while swimming in the creek. And Bailey notices all the rubbish polluting the waterway.

Between visits to Sheba in the vet hospital, Bailey tries to find a way to make the creek safe for Sheba and other animals. And through her unexpected friendship with Israel, a quiet boy who knows about endangered species, Bailey Finch finds the courage to take a stand.

Bailey Finch Takes a Stand is a moving story about love and loss, about caring for the environment and standing up to make change happen.


Jamila has left her friends, her school and her home in Iraq, and now she has a new home. It’s safe in Australia, but Jamila is finding it hard to settle in. She misses her best friend and worries for her dad’s safety back in Iraq. It’s hard to speak and write in English all day. And Jamila has a secret she wants to keep hidden.

When she joins the choir, Jamila begins to feel happy. Singing helps take her worries away. And singing will help her find her place in her new life, a place where she can shine.

Songbird is a tender story about belonging, about the importance of friendship and asking for help, and about the parts of our lives we keep concealed.


Eleven-year-old Jamila is settling into her new life in Australia, along with Mama, Baba and baby Amir. She still misses her home in Iraq, but she’s happy to have her whole family safe and together again. Jamila and her new best friend, Eva, sing side by side in the choir at school, and have picnics together on the weekend.

One day, Jamila gets some exciting news-her oldest friend from Iraq, Mina, has been granted a visa to come to Melbourne with her family. Jamila can’t wait to see her. She and Eva make a list of all the things they want to show Mina when she gets to Melbourne. But when Mina arrives, things do not go as planned. Mina is tired and anxious all the time, and she and Eva don’t get on.

Jamila feels torn between her two friends, and sad that Mina isn’t the same funny, cheerful person she remembers. Can Jamila be a true friend to Mina, and help her feel happy in her new home?

Kit and Arlo find a Way

Best Suited 7- 12 Years
Kit goes to school with her friends Harley and Vanya, and always tries her best at everything she does. Arlo is too loud, too close, just too… much. But when a moving van pulls up next to Kit’s house one weekend, Kit and Arlo find out they have a lot more in common than they thought. Join Kit, Arlo and their friends as they navigate school, home life and friendships, and learn more than a few things about how to get along.

Serenade for a Small Family

Best Suited 15+ Years
Ingrid Laguna never did things the easy way – she spent much of her young adulthood rebelling against conformism, playing in a mostly girl band and travelling around Australia, before marrying Ben and going to live in Alice Springs. Pregnancy didn’t come easily either but, through IVF, she finally fell pregnant. And when she went into premature labour at 23 weeks and her twin sons were born-each weighing about the same as a pat of butter and small enough to fit into the palm of her hand – she had to call on all her reserves of strength and stubbornness to see the journey through and be the mother that her sons needed.

This is an earthy, honest and heartbreaking memoir about what it means to love; and about the terrible powerlessness and torment involved when there is fear of losing a child. Yet despite the pain and anguish, Ingrid’s memoir is at its heart about how we can experience unimaginable difficulty – and still somehow find the spirit to come through blazing with love and optimism and even a kind of joy.

Numbskull & Nincompoop: Science Fair Shenanigans

Numbskull and Nincompoop are the best of friends. They also think a dog kennel is their house and planes are talking flies. This lovable and hilarious duo manage to get themselves into all sorts of sticky situations. Can they defeat Samson O’Reilly, the smartest kid in the entire school and win the Science Fair? Or will they get hit with a sledgehammer, run over by a tractor and shot out of a canon? Only time will tell! Written by wacky bestselling author Adam Wallace, this new series is sure to raise some eyebrows!

COMING SOON! Very Dinosaur Christmas

Best Suited 4-11 Years
You’ve always thought that dinosaurs are super fascinating.
But should they really join in with your Christmas celebrating
Watch out, Santa! Christmas has a new cast of stars, and they are eager to make this a holiday to remember. Start a new family tradition with this silly picture book adventure featuring Jurassic characters, lively rhymes, and hilarious illustrations from Christopher Nielsen.

A Very Dinosaur Birthday

Best Suited 4+Years

Dinosaurs are big, and strong, and scary, and farty,

So do you really want them coming to your birthday party

Watch out! Birthdays will never be the same with this silly picture book adventure featuring lively rhymes and hilarious illustrations!

Farty Pets 1: What’s My Name?

Best Suited 6-12 Years
When the kids go to school, their pets get together and play. Clumsy Bum, Princess Pretty, Fluffy and … Oh No! Parrot doesn’t have a name! Can the other Farty Pets help him find one?

Farty Pets 2: Zoo Day

Best Suited 5-8 Years
When the kids go to school, their pets get together and play. The Farty Pets are off to the zoo! Will they see a unicorn? Or will they cause a giant catastrophe?

Farty Pets 3: New Hobby

Best Suited 5-8 Years
When the kids go to school, their pets get together and play. Clumsy Bum is the only pet that doesn’t have a hobby. He tries sewing, bowling and dancing but it’s all a disaster! Will he ever find a hobby?

Farty Pets 4: Fancy Fluffy!

Best Suited 5-8 Years
Fluffy wants to be fancy! Can she become fancy by going to fancy places like the theatre, a restaurant, or a wedding? Or is she just not fancy?

Fart Club 1: Revenge of the Beans

Best Suited 8-12 Years
Martin Kennedy, aka Fartboy, has been awarded a scholarship to attend The Amazingly Fancy School of Excellence in Sparkle City. But there’s a catch … Sparkle City is under attack by alien beans out to get revenge for every bean that’s ever been eaten! Their only weakness? The human fart. But there are too many and Fartboy’s pong just isn’t enough. He must bring together a team of Fartastic super-farters! Can he unite their stink in time to save the planet from a beany end?

Fart Club 2: Jurassic Farts

Best Suited 8-12 Years

When incredibly gross dinosaurs rise up and start destroying Sparkle City, Sergeant Smashface offers to capture them. Everyone thinks he’s a hero, but he really wants to use them to take over Sparkle City. Dinosaur-loving Max Andrews, aka The Tootmeister, wants to protect the Grossosaurs, but the rest of Fart Club want to take them down. Can Tooty convince his farty friends to save the dinosaurs, or will the world enter a new Poo-Rassic Era?

Fart Club 3: Silent But Deadly

Best Suited 8-12 Years

For Chef Le Squelch and his giant, greasy food monsters, revenge is a dish best served cold. And the main course on Le Squelch’s revenge menu is Shayden Lee, aka Silent Death. Le Squelch is cooking up a storm and Fart Club are the only ones who can stop him. But first, Shayden must deal with family intolerances and her own need to prove she’s a five-star superhero. Will Le Quelch get his just desserts, or will Fart Club get eaten alive?

Fartboy 1: The First Sniff

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Martin Kennedy is the tidiest boy in the world’s tidiest town. Martin is so neat and clean that he has never ever farted–UNTIL NOW… A freak accident dooms Martin to a dreadful destiny of baked beans and bottom blowouts. With the help of the Grand Fart Master, can Martin learn to harness the power of his new skill and use it to save the day?

Fartboy 2: Ready, Aim, Fart!

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Everyone thinks Martin is the tidiest boy in town. They don’t know that he is also Fartboy—the STINKIEST super hero EVER . . . A disgustingly evil villain known as Madam Wax is terrorising Sparkletown with sticky sculptures made out of her own earwax. But Fartboy is determined to stop her with his super-powered butt-blasts. It’s a deadly battle of FARTS vs EARWAX. Who will triumph?

Fartboy 3: Enter the Spewtank

Best Suited 6-12 Years
The STINKIEST super hero EVER is about to meet his match. A lean, mean SPEWING machine is on the rampage… SPEWTANK is determined to take the shine off Sparkletown by covering everything in the chunkiest chunder EVER. Is this the end for the World’s Tidiest Town? Not if Fartboy can help it! The clean-living farting fury is ready for his YUCKIEST battle yet. You’ll be SPEWIN’ if you miss it!

Fartboy 4: Let It Rip!

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Martin is hot on the trail of his missing parents when he’s called on to become Fartboy, the world’s SMELLIEST super hero. A new doctor is in Sparkletown, and he is DISGUSTING. His cures are made from vacuum cleaner dust, mouldy cornflakes, crusty crumbs and filthy fur. Martin’s search for Mum and Dad is put on hold—only a fart a day keeps THIS doctor away!

Fartboy 5: Bottom Burp Battle

Best Suited 6-12 years
‘Come on down to WEEEEE! There’s so much to seeeee. Fun for you and meeeee! It’s the sparkliest park in history!’ Martin’s busting to go to WEEEEE Amusement park! He’s planning a showdown between Fartboy and the evil mastermind W.E. Snore. But Snore is bringing a team with EVEN MORE disgusting superpowers than Fartboy. Can Martin fart his way out of this one?

Fartboy 6: Booger Butt Boogie

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Sparkletown is in the grip of a DISGUSTING dance sensation! The Disco Boogeyman is using his slimy sweat and gross boogers to turn everyone into horrible dancing zombies. Fartboy’s the only one with the power to stop the demented dance villain . . . but there’s just one problem: Fartboy can’t dance! And he is PETRIFIED of being found out. Can the stinky superhero get his groove on in time? Sparkletown’s fate depends on it!

Fartboy 7: Toenails of Terror

Best Suited 6-12 Years
It’s quiet … too quiet in Sparkletown and Fartboy has to face his most disgusting villain yet! Toejam! The mime making, noise hating, toenail cradle catching baddy. It’s up to the fartastic hero and his friends to save the day. Will Fartboy break the silence and rescue the citizens of Sparkletown?

Fartboy 8: Bin Juice of Destiny

Best Suited 6-12 Years
The most awful, terrible, unimanigable thing has happened to Sparkletown! The take-away shops are being targeted by two despicable villains, Composto and Bin Juice! Now there’s nothing on the menu but … brussels sprouts! Bleugh! It’s up to Fartboy to master the ultimate farting power, before Sparkletown becomes nothing but a pile of steaming compost!

Fartboy 9: Back to the Farture!

Best Suited 6-12 Years
Fartboy has gone where no farting superhero has gone before … to the past! But it’s not all smelly fun and games when he’s running for his life from bean-hating, boy-eating dinosaurs! Not to mention battling butt-flaming dragons with the Knights of the Round Toilet! Fartboy must find his way home, or get stuck in the rear-end of time forever …

‘Twas the Fart Before Christmas

Best Suited 3-8 Years
‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Even though that mouse was curled up, fast asleep. The pong from its butt made everyone weep. What a stinky Christmas! But who has done the biggest fart of all?

Pugnacious & Scuttlebutt: Ready…Steady…ITCH!

Best Suited 6+ Years
A pugnacious Pug. A butt-scuttling Greyhound. An unlikely friendship…IF they can both avoid being captured by infamous dog catcher, S.M. Ellybutt, that is. Readers of The Bad Guys and Real Pigeons will want to race, race, race through these pages!
Not another cute dog story – this book has bite! Pugnacious is witty, wily and wanting to pick a fight! Scuttlebutt would just like the itch on his butt to disappear. This can’t be the start of a friendship, surely?

Pugnacious & Scuttlebutt 2: S.M. Ellybutt Strikes Back

Best Suited 6+Years
A best selling Larrikin House title but be warned:

This is not another cute dog story – this book has bite!

If you thought the first book was fun, Book 2 is an absolute RIOT!

A pugnacious Pug. A butt-scuttling Greyhound. An unlikely friendship…

Cowboy and Birdbrain

Best Suited 7-10 years
Cowboy and Birdbrain are best friends who work for I.F.F.Y. delivery company, a company that do the riskiest, zaniest, most bizarre deliveries ever. They’re known for their F.A.R.T.S. (Fast and Reliable Tracking Service). Cowboy is the brains of the operation, and Birdbrain—well, he is a brain but he’s just not brain-y if you get the drift… Anyway, this dubious duo are not the best or even second-best deliverers at IFFY DELIVERIES. They’re the WORST. But they’re also the funniest!nbsp; Join Cowboy and Birdbrain on their WACKY adventure, when their boss gives them the following job: URGENT DELIVERY! To: Ship in the Middle of the Ocean. WARNING: Do not get package wet!

Cowboy and Birdbrain 2: P.O.O.P of Doom

Best Suited 7-10 years
Who would you trust with the most delicate delivery ever? Not the WACKIEST deliverers ever, unless their job depends on it… Cowboy and Birdbrain are best friends who deliver P.O.O.P. (Parcels Or Other Packages) for IFFY Deliveries. They’re known for their F.A.R.T.S. (Fast and Reliable Tracking Services). Their next mission is to deliver a mystery package to a hermit with an elaborate security system designed to keep people OUT. Can Cowboy and Birdbrain get IN?

Dad Jokes Are The Worst!

It’s Father’s Day and my dad rocks. He really is the best! Except for his terrible dad-jokes … I wish he’d give them a rest!

Invisible Jerry

Best Suited for ages 4-8 years
People don’t notice Jerry. If someone bumps into him, they don’t say sorry. If he makes a joke, no one laughs. He never gets picked last for teams, but that’s because he never gets picked at all. It’s like he’s invisible. Until Molly arrives.

Rhymes with Drawing

Best Suited 5+Years
Do you like drawing cartoons? Do you like rhyming stories? Do you think upside-down bums are funny?
Well then, this is the book for you! It has 10 rhyming stories that teach you how to draw 10 cartoons!
For example, a bone becomes a bull; a mermaid becomes and elephant; a snowman becomes a penguin!
It’s hours of creative fun. So get drawing. Go. NOW!

Why Won’t You Sleep?!

Best Suited 4-9 Years
Can’t sleep? It can be hard to nod off sometimes. But don’t worry, we know just the thing to make you tired … What, still awake? Why won’t you sleep?!

Rhymes with Cartooning

Best Suited 5+ years
Do you like drawing cartoons? Do you like rhyming stories? Do you think UFOs are cool? Well then, this is the book for you!

Rhymes with Illustrations

Best Suited 5+ years
Do you like drawing cartoons? Do you like rhyming stories? Do you think UFOs are cool? Well then, this is the book for you!

Rhymes with Pictures

Best Suited 5+ years
Do you like drawing cartoons? Do you like rhyming stories? Do you think UFOs are cool? Well then, this is the book for you! It has 10 rhyming stories that teach you how to draw 10 cartoons!

Rhymes with Sketching

Best Suited 5+ years
Do you like drawing cartoons? Do you like rhyming stories? Do you think UFOs are cool? Well then, this is the book for you!

Adam Wallace Presents … Super Silly Slapstick Stories!

Super Silly Slapstick Stories has just that … super silly slapstick stories! It’s right in the title! Six of them are written by pretty boring adults, and seven of them are written by pretty awesome kids! From disastrous weddings and dinner parties, to clowns attacking with cream buns, to the worst babysitters in the history of babysitting, it’s all crazy, it’s all chaos, it’s all super silly!

Adam Wallace Presents Horrific Tales of Horrifying Horror

Best Suited 8-12 years
Five guest authors tell six stories of horror for children, from Sonia who wouldn’t do her chores, to Monica who always said, “I don’t wanna!” to a young man in Grade 4 who just wants to write scary stories, much to his teacher’s disgust.

Adam Wallace presents amazing alien adventures

Best Suited 8-12 Years
6 short stories by six different adult authors. Six short stories by six authors aged 7-14. 12 short stories all involving … ALIENS!!!!! Some are funny, some are scary, all are awesome! From Love on Planet X to The Family at 106 to Aliens From Outer Space That Don’t Eat People, come along for the ride into the outer spaces of your imagination!

Mystery on the High Seas (The Molly O’Hanlon Adventures Book 1)

Based on the incredible true story of D’Arcy Wentworth and his horrific journey to Australia from England via the Second Fleet, Mystery on the High Seas takes us on a rollicking journey through the eyes of Molly O’Hanlon, a fictional Irish girl.

When Molly’s father is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Molly and her ma join him on the journey to Australia. They do this aboard a ship known as the Hell Ship Neptune, due to its appalling conditions and evil captain, Donald Trail. Molly is drawn into D’Arcy’s world and, in doing so, is also drawn into a world of duels at ten paces, betrayal, theft and even attempted murder!

Interweaving true historical events with creative license, Mystery on the High Seas has real-life characters such as D’Arcy, Captains Gilbert and Trail, and Lucky Gem, as well as historically correct dates, such as the time the Neptune left England, docked in Cape Town among other things.

Rusty, Buster and Patch versus the Opera

Best Suited 5-10 years
Rusty, Buster and Patch versus the Opera is the first book in a series about three brothers who love to have fun … unfortunately this is at odds with their mother, who wants them to be classy.

Stick (it to the) Man!

Best Suited for ages 7+ years
Vulcan Toscadero’s parents are the most important people in the world to him. When they die in extremely bizarre circumstances, Vulcan has a decision to make.

Easter Bunny’s Secret Diary

Easter Bunny has a diary. But sshh! It’s a secret diary! Read all about the mishaps leading up to Easter, from foil-wrapping disasters to falling into vats of melted chocolate! How will Easter Bunny get it all ready in time for Easter?! Take a peek into his Top Secret diary and find out …

Santa’s Secret Diary

Santa has a diary. But sshh! It’s a secret diary! Read all about the disasters in the lead-up to Christmas, from frozen-tongued reindeer to exploding teddy bear-making machines! How will Santa get everything ready in time for Christmas Day?! Take a peek into his top secret diary and find out …

How to Catch An Elf

Best Suited 3-8 years
It’s Christmas Eve, your traps are set. You’ve made your secret plans. And now the elf is coming to your house, so catch him if you can! You’ve been waiting all year long, and now it’s finally Christmas Eve! Is this the year you’ll finally catch an elf?

Rhymes With Art

Best Suited 5+ Years
Learning to draw cartoons shouldn’t be stressful or confusing. It should be fun, easy, and AWESOME! And that is why this book exists … because it teaches you TEN cartoon animals by telling TEN rhyming stories! So a UFO becomes a dog; TOAST becomes a gorilla; and a BUM becomes a cat! Follow the story, draw the steps, and you will have the basics for some awesome cartoons. From there, you can draw anything … except maybe a peanut.

How to Catch a Dinosaur

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
Do dinosaurs still walk among us? Of course they do!

How to Catch a Dragon

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
This time, they’re trying to catch a dragon through the Chinese New Year celebrations! Set in China during the Spring Festival, the wily dragon will have to avoid trap after trap as the kids run through paper lanterns, fireworks, the Nian lion puppet, and more!

How to Catch a Leprechaun

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
Everyone knows that if you catch a leprechaun he will tell you where he hides his pot of gold and St Patrick’s day is the best chance you will have.

How to Catch a Gingerbread Man

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
Do you have what it takes to catch the Gingerbread Man? The famous storybook character has magically come to life and leapt from the pages during story time! Follow along as the Gingerbread Man runs loose in a bookstore with the help of Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Peter Rabbit, nursery rhyme characters, and more! If you set the right traps, you might…just might be able to catch this wily cookie and finish the fairy tale!

How to Catch a Mermaid

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
Last week I saw a mermaid. It’s not something I’d pretend! I’d really like to catch her so she could be my friend. But how to catch a mermaid?

How to Catch a Snowman

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
Our heroes’ entry for the snowman contest has magically come to life — and ran away!  Can YOU help catch it? Get ready for snow much fun as you travel through a winter wonderland with running, skating, and bouncing through trap after trap to catch the snowman and claim the winning prize. Will the snowman teach our heroes a lesson they’ll never forget? Who snows!

How to Catch a Monster

Best Suited 3-8 Years
There’s a monster in my closet with claws, and teeth, and hair,
and tonight, I’m going to scare him! He lives just right through there…

How to Catch a Turkey

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
Thanksgiving time is here again, But there’s a turkey on the run! Can you catch this tricky bird And enjoy all the holiday fun?

How to Catch a Unicorn

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
Can YOU catch the unicorn? You’ll have to use your brain. So set your traps and prep your team to pet that rainbow mane!

How to Catch the Easter Bunny

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
Is this the year you’ll be able to catch the Easter bunny in action?

How to catch a Yeti

Best Suited 3-8 years
The How to Catch kids are attempting to catch the Yeti in a winter wonderland!  How to Catch a Yeti blends STEAM concepts with hilarity and chaos to encourage reading, learning, and imagination. With the resurgence of the Yeti in pop culture, this book is perfect for the upcoming winter and beyond!

Accidentally Awesome (Jackson Payne series)

Best Suited 6-10 Years
Jackson Payne is clumsy. Like, really clumsy. Like, really, really, really, REALLY clumsy. Like … well, you get the idea. But every time he’s clumsy, awesome things happen The problem is, Jackson is over it. He only wants to be a hero on purpose. But how do you stop being a fluke? It’s action-packed, it’s laugh out loud funny and, best of all, it’s AWESOME!

Blunderingly Brilliant (Jackson Payne series)

Best Suited for ages 6-10 years
Jackson Payne is back, and he’s clumsier than ever! In the second collaboration between Adam Wallace and James Hart, things are getting crazy! Jackson has hit the front page of the paper, and he’s a superstar! The problem is, he’s believing the hype and is getting a HUUUUUGE head!
And that’s when things start to go very, very wrong.

Clumsy Christmas Spectacular (Jackson Payne series)

Best Suited 6-10 years
Jackson Payne is super clumsy, and he, wait for it … hates Christmas!!! This is because he has ruined Christmas in the past, but this year he’s decided to make it the most Christmassy Christmas EVER … which could very possibly lead to disaster!

Disastrously Daring (Jackson Payne series)

Best Suited for ages 6-10 years
Adam Wallace and James Hart are at it again, as Jackson Payne hits the golf course … literally!

Erratically Epic (Jackson Payne Series)

Best Suited 6-10 Years
It’s time for Jackson Payne to hit the stage! Cue chaos, as it’s lights, camera, action for the clumsiest hero ever! Jackson Payne wants to be in the school play, but he ruins auditions, breaks props, falls into his principal’s lap and squishes preppies in this crazy adventure.

Frantically Fantastic (Jackson Payne series)

Best Suited for ages 6-10 years
It’s time to go to the farm, but Jackson isn’t so happy about it. Not only is his annoying little cousin Max going, but Jackson’s pop doesn’t like him, and his dad just ate a whole can of baked beans and it’s a long drive! Not only that, but it seems someone or something is stealing Pop’s chickens. Can Jackson save the day, or will he end up with chicken egg on his face? Aimed at ages 6 – 10.

The Vanilla Slice Kid

Best Suited 6-10 Years
A shy boy who hates any type of dessert is thrust into the world spotlight when he discovers a talent for magically creating and firing cupcakes out of his hands.


Best Suited 8- 12 years
Weird is a collection of random and hilarious stuff, designed to make kids laugh! Rap battles against birds and pizzas, poems about eating cake with your feet, flick books, videos, it has it all … except for anything normal. It doesn’t have that.

Ninja Inspiration

Best Suited 8-12 Years
Join me, Adam Wallace, as I dodge flying ninja stars and discover just how amazing and inspirational ninjas really are!

Zombie Inspiration

Best Suited 8-12 Years
Join me, Adam Wallace, as I journey into the apocalypse, where I discover just how AWESOME and INSPIRATIONAL zombies really are.

24 Absolutely, Totally True Facts about … Penguins!

Best Suited 4-9 Years
Learn all about penguins in this very factual book … where every fact is true … honestly! Yes, you will learn 24 absolutely, totally true facts about the amazing penguins. Penguins can’t fly, penguins do have excellent hearing, penguins can’t drive Formula 1 race cars or build a scale model of the Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks, it’s all true! Children will learn 15 actual facts about penguins and increase their knowledge due to the fun format. With illustrations by the amazing James Hart, the best learning is done while having fun.

There’s a Bull Ant in the Bedroom

Best Suited 4-8 Years
There’s a bull ant in the bedroom, and it bit me on the bum. I screamed and flicked it out of there, and then it bit my mum! It’s not just a bull ant that’s causing chaos in this house. All kinds of wild animals are making a huge mess! Luckily there’s a brave hero ready to round the creatures up and put them in their place.

Jamie Brown is NOT Rich

Best suited 7-12 years
Jamie Brown and his family have no money. None. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Nix. Nachos. Then, when a letter from the mysterious Barnaby Von Barnabus arrives, everything changes. The question is … can the Browns handle their newfound fortune? Only time, and maybe the words in this book, will tell.

Only YOU Can Save Christmas!

Best Suited 3- 7 Years
You’ve been waiting all year long and it’s finally Christmas Eve! Now Santa’s head elf needs YOUR help in this fun, interactive Christmas book for children.

It’s almost Christmas, and everything at the North Pole is going according to plan…until the head elf discovers that Santa doesn’t have a present ready for Mrs. Claus! Time is running out, and you’re the only one who can help. But you’ll have to honk, whistle, wig-gle, and shake to make things turn out all right.


Best Suited 6-9 Years
I began as a tiny spark in the dry grass. All I wanted was a friend. I found one in the wind, who helped me grow, who helped me fly! In the end, though, was the wind really my friend at all?

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