About UsAn Australian company for Australian schools

We started out with school library books. In 1990, Rob and Michelle bought a small business from an advertisement in the newspaper – Lamont Books. The business only had three employees – all sales representatives, who travelled around to schools selling the best new books for kids to schools.

Back then, the business was small enough to be run from the garage at their family home.

They started building the business, in between raising their four kids, by focusing on providing schools with great customer service and the very best books available.

As the number of schools that Lamont serviced grew, it was clear that schools needed to be able to order titles that specifically met their needs – things their students were interested in, replacement or additional copies of popular books or topics that their teachers wanted to teach and so our library ordering service began. Over time, our ordering service has grown, and we now receive hundreds of school orders every week.

And then we grew.

As Lamont expanded, we needed more staff and more space, and we outgrew the garage! We moved to a warehouse in Hallam and, after outgrowing the first warehouse in 2011, and our second warehouse in 2018, we are now in our third and largest premises at 6 Technology Circuit, Hallam.

As the premises grew so did the business:

Standing Order – Lamont Standing Order is our school book subscription service that started in 2008 to bring the latest kid’s and young adult books to schools all around Australia. We now send out thousands of packages to schools around Australia every month.

Book Fairs – Lamont Book Fairs started in 2013. We pack the best books we can find into our Book Fairs and aim to bring a joy and excitement about books and reading to every school that holds a Fair – on top of that every Book Fair raises funds or books for the school at the same time!

Author Bookings – In 2019 we took our love of Australian children’s books one step further, launching our own Author Booking service, bringing incredible Australian authors and illustrators into schools.


Despite all these changes, the business that exists today remains a product of its beginnings – a commitment to the best quality books, the best customer service and an overriding family culture. We are passionate about getting kids to read by bringing schools the amazing books Australian authors and illustrators are making each and every year.