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Zeno Sworder
Prep- Grade 6

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Zeno Sworder is the winner of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Picture Book of the Year for My Strange Shrinking Parents. His previous book, This Small Blue Dot, also won multiple awards.
Zeno is a Melbourne based writer and artist who is passionate about literacy, creativity and diversity. He was born into a mixed (Chinese and English) multicultural family in regional Victoria and has worked as a dish washer, a journalist, an English language teacher, a volunteer for Lifeline, a consular officer and a tribunal advocate for migrants and refugees. But he has always felt most himself sitting at a table drawing pictures and making up stories. Zeno’s lively presentations are interactive and fun. They include drawing demonstrations and group activities that are designed to equip students for their own adventures in writing and drawing.

Books by Zeno Sworder

My Strange Shrinking Parents

Best Suited 3+ Years
It goes without saying that all children believe their parents to be strange.
Mine were unusual for a different reason…

One boy’s parents travel from far-off lands to improve their son’s life. But what happens next is unexpected. What does it mean when your parents are different? What shape does love take? And what happens when your parents sacrifice a part of themselves for you?

This Small Blue Dot

Best Suited 3+ Years
With a strong message of interconnectedness, hope and empowerment, This Small Blue Dot follows a little girl exploring the big and small things in life. From contemplating our place on this ‘blue dot’ to the best Italian, Chinese and Indian desserts, the book provides a broader, more inclusive view of who we are, where we come from and where our dreams may take us.

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