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Zanni Louise
Prep- Grade 6
New South Wales

Zanni Louise has been writing stories since she was little, growing up in country NSW. She now lives with her family of four (and two bunnies) in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Internationally published author of over thirty-five kids’ books, Zanni writes picture books, chapter books and books for 10-12 year-olds. Her first middle grade, Queenie In Seven Moves was published by Walker Books 2023/Candlewick 2024. Her new middle grade, Cora Seen and Heard is released May 2024. Zanni writes teen fiction under her alias, Zanni L. Arnot. She visits schools across Australia to inspire kids to write and read. She also teaches writing to grownups. Zanni is a proud  Room to Read ambassador, supporting gender equality and literacy worldwide.

Books by Zanni Louise

COMING SOON! Cora Seen and Heard

Cora Lane gets tongue-tied, is often ignored and would rather hide in the library than step onto a stage. However, when her parents decide to renovate an old theatre in small-town Tasmania, Cora realises this is the perfect opportunity for her to reinvent her personality. Enter Cora 2.0, stage left.

When Cora quickly slips back into her old ways and has once again made friends with the librarian rather than kids her own age, she feels lost. Frustrated she’s not the person she wants to be, she shares her deepest feelings with her imaginary pen pal. The last thing she’d expect is for her letters to go missing. And now, the real Cora Lane is about to go public, but is she ready?

COMING SOON! Florence and Fox: The Pet Mouse

Fox has a pet mouse.
Florence wishes she had one too.
She crosses her fingers. Because who knows what makes wishes come true?

COMING SOON! Mum for Sale

Errol’s mum won’t get off the phone. So there’s only one thing for Errol to do … Find out what happens when cheeky Errol puts his mum up for sale!

This Is Love

Love is a gift. You know what? Let’s share …Oodles of love, as much as we dare.

Love is everywhere and within everything. It’s whatever gives your heart a squeeze, whether that’s sharing a big hug, turning a page in your favourite book, or even cartwheeling down a hill.

Monsties 1: The Lost Bunny

Meet Orla, Pearl, Mig, Boo and Oops – they are THE MONSTIES!
The Monsties are five best friend monsters . . . who are a bit hopeless at being scary. They live in Scaryland, surrounded by scary monsters and scary places (the ScaryMart, the Howlpital, the Shriek Factory) but they much prefer candy and cupcakes to spiders and centipedes.

In Lost Bunny, Mig has lost her pet bunny. This is a BIG problem, because Mig can’t sleep without Bunny. And when Mig doesn’t sleep, she falls apart (literally). Can the Monsties work together to find Bunny?

Monsties 2: A Scary Sunday

Meet Orla, Pearl, Mig, Boo and Oops – they are THE MONSTIES!
The Monsties are five best friend monsters . . . who are a bit hopeless at being scary. They live in Scaryland, surrounded by scary monsters and scary places (the ScaryMart, the Howlpital, the Shriek Factory) but they much prefer candy and cupcakes to spiders and centipedes.

In Scary Sunday, Orla writes a bedtime story. But this time, a mysterious noise is stopping her! Can the Monsties find the source of the scary sound before the day is over?


Meet Errol, a cheeky and lovable character, who refuses to follow his mum. Even when she counts to three.


Can pigs fly? Well, maybe they just have to try!

Pig is bland. Pig is small.
Pig is not much pig at all.
But Pig dreams of something big –
can she be a flying pig?
Pigasus is an empowering rhyming story about believing in yourself and achieving your dreams.

Stardust School of Dance: Lulu the Ballerina Dreamer

Best suited 6-10 Years
Lulu Lullaby knocks over Grandma’s precious ballet trophy and it smashes into a million pieces! Lulu is heartbroken. But she wants to make things right. If only Lulu can get the lead role in Stardust’s new performance of Cinderella, she just might be able to win her own trophy and make Grandma proud. Will Lulu’s dreams come true?

Stardust School of Dance: Bertie the Ninja Dancer

Bertie Black has just moved in with her new step family, but it doesn’t feel like home. She spends her time practising cool ninja moves, until the sound of music carries her to Stardust School of Dance. She is offered a role as a dancing shepherd. But will Bertie take her ninja moves from the shadows to the stage If she does she might find a real home at Stardust. But will she take the leap?

We Are All People

Whoever we are, whatever we do, however we think, we know this is true: That we are all people, some big and some small, sharing a world big enough for us all. A joyful celebration of difference and all the important things that unite humanity.

Wonder Earth

If we saw ourselves as belonging to the Earth rather than standing apart from it, what would Earth look like A wonder filled place A place we want to protect now and forever Welcome to Wonder Earth. The Earth has so much to share if only we stop, listen and wonder. Starting with the sun that gives us and all living things life, to the patterns, feelings, stories and relationships that we share with other natural things. Let’s explore what it means to belong to our Earth home.

Queenie in Seven Moves

A sensitive, timely story addressing loss and belonging.

To Queenie, home is Peachy, the little house where she’s lived forever. But when she and her mum have to leave Peachy, Queenie discovers that home isn’t a place at all. It’s making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, letting yourself be uncomfortable, and finding the courage to share your song with the world.

Human Kind: Gratitude

Gratitude is noticing what you have, rather than focussing on what you don’t have. Gratitude is saying thank you. Being grateful for who you are and what you can do helps us learn. Gratitude inspires you to do things that make the world a better place. There are many ways to be grateful.

Human Kind: Honesty

A Little Good In A Big World. Honesty is talking to yourself and others truthfully. Honesty brings us closer, keeps us safer and helps people trust us. Honesty is not always easy. Sometimes it’s the hardest choice. There are many ways to be honest.

Human Kind: Imagination

Imagination can make ordinary things magical. Your imagination allows you to create something out of nothing. It helps you to come up with new ideas, to solve problems and to understand how others might feel. There are many ways to be imaginative …

Human Kind: Kindness

Kindness is being generous with our words, our actions and our heart. Acts of kindness can be big or small. We can be kind to others, and to ourselves too. It feels good to be kind, and kindness makes others feel good too. There are many ways to be kind …

Human Kind: Respect

Respect is valuing another person, which makes them feel cared for and understood. You can respect others, your world and yourself. When we take time to listen and understand, respect grows. Respect brings people together. There are many ways to show respect.

Human Kind: Self Belief

Self belief is trusting yourself to learn new things and giving yourself space to make mistakes. Believing in yourself gives you the confidence to express yourself and stand up things you care about. Self belief is accepting and loving yourself for who you are. There are many ways to believe in yourself .

Human Kind: Teamwork

Teamwork is working together towards a shared goal. Teamwork is being flexible and managing the load together. It is about learning from each other, listening to each other and respecting others’ ideas. Teamwork is having fun with friends! There are lots of reason teamwork is important.

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