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Vicki Bennett
Author | Grade 1-5

Vicki Bennett is a bestselling author of 34 books for adults and young people. Most of her books are internationally successful and have been published in numerous languages.

Her books include: Programme to Succeed, Mirrors – An Adventure into Ourselves, Take Me to My Garden, Mummy?, Making Dreams Come True, I’ve Read the Rules, Now How do I Play the Game, Life Smart, The Effective Leader, Signposts for Life, What Do Women Really Want?, The Book of Hope, The Little Stowaway, The Flying Angel, 100 Keys to Love, 100 Keys to Hope and The Promise. The Promise is her fourth children’s ANZAC book about a Papua New Guinea nurse, Maiogaru Taulebona who hid a wounded Australian airman in a cave, deep in the jungle near Milne Bay in World War 2. With two words, I promise, she was bound to the task of saving his life.

Books by Vicki Bennett

Charlie’s War

Best Suited 4+ Years
A young Aboriginal boy’s dream of shearing sheep turns into reality. Then war breaks out in Europe. Despite initially not being able to enlist, he and his two best friends eventually sign up and their lives are changed forever.

The Little Stowaway

France. Winter. 1918. The First World War is over. A brave and determined little French orphan, Honore, wanders through the snow, cold and hungry and lost. When he stumbles on the Australian Flying Corps and meets airman, Tim Tovell, his life is changed forever. This is a story of a remarkable little stowaway and his journey to his new home in Australia.

The Flying Angel

World War II. 1945. A group of nurses is handpicked to rescue injured soldiers from the frontline in Papua New Guinea, and transport them safely back home to Australia. Known for their courage and compassion, the soldiers call them… the Flying Angels. This is a story inspired by the life of one remarkable nurse, Sister Marie Eileen Craig.

Oliver’s First Big Spy Adventure

Oliver has been secretly training as a spy all his life. On an ordinary afternoon after school he overhears two suspicious-sounding men talking about bacteria, AK47s, vicious dogs and a mysterious island. When two men leap from a black van and abduct his Grandmother, Olivers first big spy adventure begins.

100 Keys To Love

100 Keys to Love is about the yearning in each of us for connection with that one extraordinary person and the options available to us to make this happen. I interviewed hundreds of people for this book and found that we are not alone, each one of us is searching for love and self-discovery.

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