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Tim Harris
Author | Prep- Grade 6
New South Wales

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Tim Harris is the bestselling author of several laugh-out-loud series for kids, including Toffle Towers, Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables and Exploding Endings.

A former primary school teacher of 15 years, his stories are filled with quirky scenarios, loveable characters and plenty of imagination. Tim’s ‘humour with heart’ writing style has seen his books receive multiple awards, including five KOALA Honour Books (2017, 2019 and 2 x 2020, 2021) and a CBCA Notable (2018). His books have been published in Australia and the USA, and have been translated into numerous languages.

An advocate for creativity and short stories, Tim’s presentations and workshops are dynamic and entertaining. He is a sought-after presenter, having worked in hundreds of schools across Australia.

Tim lives in Sydney with his wife and four young children.

Books by Tim Harris

Ratbags 1: Naughty for Good

Best Suited 6-9 Years
Let’s face it – rats are mischief. Rats are rule-breakers. Rats are ratbags. They’re all the same. All, that is, except one…

When Jigsaw runs into two of the most ratbaggy Ratbags known to rats, his orderly world is turned upside down and he pulls off one of the best pizza heists EVER! Will his newfound pizza obsession make Jigsaw the naughtiest Ratbag yet? Or will Jigsaw figure out how to be naughty – for good?!

Brace yourself for a rip-roaring ride into the world of the Ratbags.

Ratbags 2: Midnight Mischief

Best Suited 6-9 Years
When rule-loving, leaf-collecting, piano-playing Jigsaw was naughty for good, he dropped his ratbag friends in a bit of bother – he gave them a good reputation! This nightmare situation needs fixing, pronto, and Ripple and Onion are the best ratbags for the job. But while performing some ratty mayhem, they fall into Cracker the cat’s claws… Will their midnight mischief turn them into a midnight snack? Or will Jigsaw find a way to save them? Again!

Ratbags 3: Best of Pests

Best Suited 6-9 Years
Humans have had enough of rats and their ratbag ways. Even Mr Pecky has stopped giving them pizza. But things get taken to a whole new level when robot minks with laser eyes roam the streets, ready to destroy all ratbags, stray cats and jazz musicians! How are the ratbags to survive the humans’ latest pest control? By joining forces with their enemy, naturally! With Cracker and the ratbags on the same team, things are about to get really hairy!

Fully Booked: Toffle Towers #1

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Toffle Towers hotel has been run by a Toffle for over one hundred years – and it’s about to be inherited by the next generation.

The Great River Race: Toffle Towers #2

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Chegwin’s adventures at Toffle Towers continue when, one by one, his hotel staff are ‘reverse mugged’ by two mysterious men. Meanwhile, the town of Alandale is preparing for the annual Great River Race.

Order in the Court: Toffle Towers #3

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
The adventures at Toffle Towers hotel continue as the manager – 10-year-old Chegwin Toffle – battles with blizzards, rioting guests, and hostile takeover attempts!

Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables

Best Suited for ages 8-11 years
He’s the first teacher to cook us breakfast.
Is his spark-maker beetle really that dangerous?

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