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Sarah Speedie
Author | Kinder- Grade 6

Sarah is an internationally published children’s author based in Melbourne. She loves to write stories filled with humour and heart. Her debut picture book Mozzies Vs Flies was shortlisted in the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards 2022. Her second picture book, Meowster Chef, has been translated into Spanish and Italian. She has both fiction and non-fiction picture books due for release in 2024 and 2025 with HarperCollins, CSIRO, New Frontier and Larrikin House. Sarah is a Literacy Ambassador for the education charity, Ardoch as-well as an Australia Reads Ambassador. When she isn’t writing for children, Sarah loves sharing her passion for the magic of words in kindergartens and schools through storytelling sessions and writing workshops and is able to tailor sessions to particular curriculum requirements.

Books by Sarah Speedie

Meowster Chef

Tonight is the night. The show of the year. The crowds hurry in, ready to cheer! Just one of these cats will win the chef’s crown, and the keys to a sparkly new restaurant in town. With a splash of hijinks and a dash of drama, will any of these contestants make it to the end and be crowned Meowster Chef? Or will their big ideas go up in flames?

Mozzies Vs Flies

Best Suited 3+ Years
In a small Aussie town in the sweltering heat, two rival gangs had control of the streets.
Fuzz and the flies ruled the town in the light. While the mozzies and Cozzie took over at night.
When the School BBQ is scheduled for 5.30pm — how do these two gangs decide who gets the rights to this delicious feast?
Can they find a compromise or will it all end in a sky-high battle for the BBQ?

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