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Robyn Bavati
Grade 5- Year 12

Robyn Bavati is an experienced presenter at schools, libraries, book clubs and writers’ festivals. Her informative and interactive school sessions are planned in consultation with teachers to ensure they are tailored to students’ needs.
Robyn’s latest book, A Weekend With Oscar is by turns a heart-wrenching and heart-warming story about grief, friendship, first love, disability and family. She is also the award-winning author of YA/mid-grade novels Within these Walls, Dancing in the Dark and Pirouette.  A longstanding member of Toastmasters International with a background in teaching movement and dance, Robyn enjoys public speaking and loves visiting schools.

While Robyn’s books are best suited to students in Grade 6- Year 9, her workshops can be adapted to all students from Grade 5- Year 12, as well as adults and teachers. She is passionate about giving students the tools that empower them to write with confidence, both in the classroom and beyond.

Books by Robyn Bavati

A Weekend with Oscar

Best Suited 12+ Years
Sixteen-year-old Jamie lives with his mum and his younger brother Oscar, who has Down syndrome. Though Jamie is still grieving the loss of his dad, life starts to look up when he meets Zara, the new girl at school. When their mum goes away for the weekend, Jamie volunteers to look after Oscar. But when the weekend is over and their mother doesn’t return, Jamie faces the toughest challenge of his life.

Within These Walls

Best Suited 12+ Years
Whatever is coming, we’ll face it together, as a family. As long as we’re together, we’ll be okay. For Miri and her family, life in Warsaw is full of simple joys. The smell of freshly baked challah, the promise of summer holidays, and Fridays when everyone comes together to celebrate the Sabbath. But when the Germans march into Warsaw with their campaign of hatred against the Jews, Miri and her family must move to the ghetto. One by one her family are taken from her, and Miri finds herself alone. Based on true events, Within These Walls gives a realistic account of what is was like to be a Jewish child in Warsaw during the Holocaust.

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