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Michael Wagner
Author | Prep- Grade 6

Michael Wagner is the best-selling author of 90 books for children including the Maxx Rumble series, Why I Love Footy and the CBCA Honour Book Dirt by Sea.

He’s been speaking to, and working with, primary school children of all ages for twenty years.

As one of Victoria’s most popular school speakers, Michael can tailor his sessions to any sized groups, from single classrooms to whole school assemblies.

His humorous but informative talks include a story time session for Foundations to Grade 3s and talks about where ideas come from and how to work with them for middle and upper primary students.

His workshops for upper primary students range from a step-by-step guide to making picture books, to the keys to writing great description, to Michael’s popular Instant Plot Machine session (for Grades 5 and 6) which explains how to quickly plot a story from any starting point (including a NAPLAN prompt) to a satisfying conclusion.  Prior to becoming a children’s author, Michael worked as a radio broadcaster with the ABC for ten years, wrote and produced animation for television, wrote comedy for ABC Radio National, grew up in a housing commission flat, and played in a band that almost became famous. He’s the father of two adult children and is married to fellow children’s author Jane Godwin.

Books by Michael Wagner

Dirt by Sea

Best Suited 3 – 7 years old

Daisy lives in inland Australia with her dad and her grandparents. It’s home, and she loves the red dirt land around her. But when her dad realises that she’s never seen the beach and thinks the Australian anthem is about a country ‘dirt by sea’, he sets off to show her the ocean in a once-in-a-lifetime father-daughter trip along the Australian coast, inspired by the first holiday he took with Daisy’s mum.

Bowled Over (Nice Garry Book 1)

Best Suited 7+ Years
Ten-year-old Garry Keenan is about to discover he has a special cricketing ability, which is a dream come true, right? Well, it is, except that sometimes being first rate comes with all sorts of new challenges.

In a Spin (Nice Garry Book 2)

Best Suited 7+ Years
Garry Keenan is the most exciting new cricketer to play for the Youngstown Under-16s in years. But can a talented ten-year-old off-spinner help his team take on the most feared XI in the competition?

The Story of Us

Best Suited 3+ Years
Every family has their stories …An heirloom in the making. Remember the time when Mum … How about when Dad found the … This is just like when Grandma used to …The Story of Us makes it easy and fun to share family stories with your children, to capture them in the book’s pages, and to create a keepsake to treasure forever. Whether the stories are funny, sad, exciting, scary or even weird, sharing them with your children will give them a stronger sense of their place in the world, and the feeling that they’re part of something big and important – their family. Stories are the glue that holds us together, and this precious, inspiring book is an heirloom in the making.

Can You Do This?

Best Suited 3+ years old
A hilarious new book, where sibling rivalry is the name of the game. Sometimes, when you’re the littlest in the family, you can feel a bit second rate. I mean, everyone knows that big kids are better at everything. Like, EVERYTHING! I mean, they are . . . aren’t they?

Little Ned

Best suited 3+ years
Every morning, Little Ned puts on his pants, his shirt, his shoes and, while he’s at it, his heavy-duty chest armour, his spikey metal gauntlets, his razor-sharp sword and his iron helmet. What could possibly go wrong?

Goodnight, Little Tough Guy

Best Suited for ages 3-8 years
After a long, hard day of being very strong and powerful, it’s time for the all the tough guys in the world to settle down for a peaceful night’s sleep.

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