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Kirsty Murray
Author | Prep- Year 12

Kirsty Murray is a multi-award winning author of 25 books for children and young adults.  Every year, Kirsty visits dozens of schools and works with students in every year level from Prep to Year 12.

Kirsty’s talks and workshops are vibrant and interactive. Whether celebrating the joy of puppies, puddles and picture books or delving into dark and complex narratives from the past, present and the future, Kirsty’s sessions engage readers of all ages. Her picture books Puddle Hunters, Shadow Catchers, and When Billy was a Dog are perfect springboards for playful story activities. Her historical fiction spans the much-loved Children of the Wind series, The Year it All Ended, and India Dark. Speculative fiction works such as Vulture’s Gate and the ground-breaking anthology Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean lend themselves to in-depth philosophical discussions. Kirsty’s non-fiction engages young readers with societal issues fromStrangers on Country, co-authored with Dave Hartley and illustrated by Dub Leffler, to Kids Who DidReal Kids who Ruled, Rebelled, Survived and Thrived.

Kirsty is a vibrant and engaging speaker who captured and held the attention of her audience from beginning to end. She brought the setting, characters and themes of her novel The year it all ended to life.
-Kathryn, Teacher Librarian, Lauriston Girls’ School
(Lauriston Girls School’s year 8 student are studying The year it all ended in 2020)

Books by Kirsty Murray

Shadow Catchers

Best Suited 2-7 Years
On sunshiny mornings, we go shadow catching.
Inside, outside, in our home and in our neighbourhood, shadows dance around us from morning through to night.
Our shadows are so tall, then small, then tall again in sunlight, lamplight and even in the moonlight.

Strangers on Country

Best suited 8+ years
Strangers on Country includes the stories of six Europeans and the people who cared for them.

When Billy Was a Dog

2020 CBCA Early Childhood shortlisted
Best Suited for ages 3+ years

Billy wants a dog. He really really really wants one. Billy’s parents aren’t so sure. So one morning, Billy takes matters into his own paws.

Puddle Hunters -Hardback

Best Suited for ages 3+ years
When the rain stops it’s time to go puddle hunting. Ruby and Banjo and Mum go up the street, and into the park, over the bridge and down to the river flats where the puddles lie waiting

Kids Who Did: Real Kids who Ruled, Rebelled, Survived and Thrived

Best Suited for ages 8+ years
When the future looks dark, courageous kids bring light and hope into the world. Forty true stories celebrate kids who have protested, prayed, rebelled, saved lives, earned a fortune, lost everything, become world-famous, or fought to survive war and oppression

Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean

Best Suited for ages 11+ years
A collection of sci-fi and fantasy writing, including six graphic stories, showcasing twenty stellar writers and artists from India and Australia

Bridie’s Fire-Children of the Wind quartet Book #1

Suitable for  10-16 Years

Bridie’s Fire is the tale of a fiery Irish girl who leaves Ireland to find a home for herself in goldrush Australia.

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