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Joel Mckerrow
Grade 4- Year 8
Joel McKerrow is an award winning writer, speaker, children’s author and, having performed for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world, is one of Australia’s most successful internationally touring, performance POETS. He has published six different poetry books (including his poetry book for school-aged- Story Beats and Rhyme Drops), has seven poetry/music albums and in March 2024 releases his first Junior/MG graphic novel Series- Urban Legend Hunters (with Larrikin House). Of which Kate and Jol Temple say, “ Hilarious, creepy and Super spooky! You won’t be able to put this fabulous mystery down.”   Joel is extremely passionate about creative education and has taught more than 100 000 students throughout the world how to tap into their imagination and spill it out onto the page (and share it on the stage). Full-time in his creative career for the past fifteen years, he is currently the Director of The School for Creative Development, the Artist Ambassador for ‘Tearfund Australia, is on teaching staff at Story Studios Australia and is host of The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality Podcast.   Joel was the third ever Australian representing at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championships and since has toured the world over performing and speaking on stages alongside people like Linda Woolverton (writer of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King), Krista Monson (Cirque Du Soleil Creative Director) Ken Black (Nike Creative Director) and many more.   Joel’s sessions can focus either on his slam poetry work, or on his story writing. Joel explodes onto the stage with his poetry, shaking up how students have perceived the medium in the past and then working through his own poetic process to equip students in writing their own. His STORY sessions stem out of his series Urban Legend Hunters and provide a simple framework (The StoryTree) to equip students in crafting their own stories, with optional specific focus on graphic novels or spooky stories.            

Books by Joel Mckerrow

Urban Legend Hunters – The Dreaded Mr. Snipe

Best Suited 8-11 Years
There is something sinister stirring in the town of Shadow Grove. It’s a problem that requires the talent, training and dedication of professional urban legend (aka monster) hunters. It’s a shame there are none of these in this graphic novel …

Meet Jeremy Jubaya who loves telling tales that make your blood curdle, fearless Samantha
Small who takes no nonsense and Bad Boris, who is, well … anything but bad!

This is not a fairytale. This is a hair-raising, spine-tingling, heart-pounding, hilarious adventure that is sure to scare everyone (except Samantha Small).

Take a seat around the campfire and listen to the terrifying tale of THE DREADED MR SNIPE.
Perfect for readers who love adventure, fun and spooky stories all mashed into one big poetic mystery!

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