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James Phelan
Grade 5- Year 12

James Phelan is the Melbourne-based award-winning author of 30 books for adults and children, which have sold over 5 million copies. His work includes thrillers, a Young Adult post-apocalyptic trilogy, Middle Grade adventures, and non-fiction. He is noted for a fast-paced writing style that appeals as much to boys as girls. James is a highly entertaining and engaging speaker who has delivered keynotes and presentations all around the world and divides his time between Australia and the USA. As a teenager James discovered a love of thrillers, of being entertained and informed along the way. James developed the idea of his first book while still in high school, and after studying Architecture at RMIT and working on the Federation Square design team, he started following his dream of becoming a novelist. James spent six years as a staff writer at The Age newspaper, while undertaking postgraduate study. James has a passion for promoting literacy in Australia. He holds a Master of Arts in Writing, and a PhD in YA Literature. James is involved in many creative writing groups and regularly talks at literary events, festivals, schools and universities. He has been a full-time novelist since the age of 26, and his novels have won numerous kids-choice awards, such as the YABBA, KOALA, COOL, CROC, YALSA and ABIA awards.

Books by James Phelan

13: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 1

Best Suited 8-15 Years
I click my fingers and everybody dies. Sam wakes from his nightmare to discover the terrifying reality. It will come true. Kidnapped from school and finding out his parents aren’t who he thinks they are, Sam is suddenly running from danger at every turn. Nothing will ever be the same again. With his life and identity shattered, Sam’s salvation is tied to an ancient prophecy. He is in the final battle to save the world, up against an enemy plotting to destroy us all. He alone can find the last 13. Are you one of them?

12: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 2

Best Suited 8-15 Years
This is where you die, Sam… The nightmare is real and Sam must face his destiny. Will the chilling prophecy and the ultimate battle against Solaris come true? Nothing could have prepared Sam for this terrifying new life as one of the last 13 Dreamers. From New York to Egypt, to Italy—the search for the rest of the last 13 will take Sam across the globe. He cannot do it alone, but who can he really trust? He must find the rest of the last 13.

11: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 3

Best Suited 8-15 Years
This is it. My nightmares have finally come true.
Sam’s deepest fears have become real and his enemies grow ever-more powerful. Struggling to stay one step ahead, Sam must locate 11 more Dreamers and solve the next piece of the puzzle.
Can Sam and his allies unlock the secrets of an ancient journal to reveal their final destiny?
Sam is far from home, with the fate of the entire world in his hands. He must find the last 13. The race is on.

10: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 4

Best Suited 8-15 Years
An unexpected saviour ensures Sam lives to continue his search for the last 13. His next all-too-real nightmare leads him to Paris and the Council of Dreamers. With Solaris seemingly one step ahead of Sam’s every move, unlikely alliances form. Treasure beyond belief beckons, while tragedy strikes at the very heart of the Academy. Will Sam and his friends survive and stay ahead of the game, or is the world doomed? He must find the last 13. Our fate is in their hands.

9: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 5

Best Suited 8-15 Years
Not this, anything but this.
In the aftermath of their devastating tragedy, the Academy turns towards an unlikely ally. But Sam’s trust in everyone around him continues to be tested to the limits.
Sam journeys to South America, his dream leading him to a long-lost ancient city. Hidden deep within the Amazon rainforest, he is forced to navigate deadly obstacles in pursuit of another Gear.
Can Sam work out who the next Dreamer is in time, or will his enemies succeed once more?
He must find the last 13. They must fight on.

8: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 6

Best Suited 8-15 Years
Solaris stands facing us, his arm raised, his flame weapon pointed and ready.
Sam’s nightmares become more unpredictable and even more dangerous as he seeks the next Dreamer, number 8. His search takes him to Cuba, where unknown pursuers, long-forgotten treasure and the perils of the ocean await.
Meanwhile, Eva and Lora’s safety hangs in the balance, and Alex makes a terrifying discovery of his own . . .
Enemies are closing in on all sides. Can Sam and his friends stay one step ahead and find the next Gear in time?
Sam must find the last 13 . . . only they can save us.

7: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 7

Best Suited 8-15 Years
You know I will follow you anywhere you try to hide. When you dream,
any of you, you’re in my world.
Solaris remains an ever-present threat as Sam’s search for the next Dreamer takes him to the Grand Canyon. All is not as it seems as strange secrets and devastating betrayals force him to question all he believes in. Facing insurmountable challenges, deadly consequences seem inevitable . . .
With Alex on a perilous solo mission, Eva and Lora rush to warn Sam before it’s too late. Their enemies grow more desperate, and they don’t know who to trust.
Sam must find the last 13. The fate of the world depends upon it.

6: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 8

Best Suited 8-15 Years
I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore.
The line between dreams and reality continues to blur as Sam is drawn into an age-old battle for the Dreamscape. Adding to his confusion, the eighth Dreamer already seems to be aware of the importance of her dreams and the search for the Gears.
From the Kremlin in Moscow to the wilds of Siberia, Sam is involved in a race-within-the-race with an old adversary who has discovered a sinister way of staying one step ahead. The more Sam and his friends dream, the less they will remember . . .
Sam must find the last 13. Our fate lies with them alone.

5: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 9

Best Suited 8-15 Years
Your days are numbered.
Having escaped the clutches of his enemies in Siberia, Sam is plunged back into danger when he travels to Tokyo to meet the ninth Dreamer, international gaming sensation, Issey.
Relentlessly pursued by Solaris, Sam and Issey travel to a mysterious windswept island, combating terrifying monsters to fulfil their all-important mission.
In New York, Alex and Shiva must escape Stella’s explosive trap to unlock the secrets of a famous Dreamer, while Eva prepares to enter a contest with far-reaching consequences.
Sam must find the last 13. We cannot succeed without them.

4: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 10

Best Suited 8-15 Years
You’re always going to be too late, boy.
After a dramatic sea rescue in Japan, Sam meets powerful friends ready to help in his quest for the Dream Gate. He sets off for Cambodia, racing to find the last 13’s tenth Dreamer.
Eva faces her worst fear in the Dreamer Doors competition, as her team desperately tries to find Solaris’ hidden Gears. Meanwhile Alex is headed out on unknown waters with the enigmatic Hans.
At the legendary temple of Angkor Wat, Sam must deal with ancient traps to escape with the next Gear. But the cost will be unimaginable. Will Sam be able to go on?
He must carry on the fight. The world cannot survive without him.

3: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 11

Best Suited 8-15 Years
Still heartbroken by the loss of his mentor, Sam discovers the next Dreamer is someone very close to him. Together they must travel to the other side of the world to find the eleventh Gear. On his voyage with Hans, Alex’s dreams grow ever-more powerful as he encounters pirates, deep-sea peril and the harshest climate on earth. He will need all his resourcefulness just to survive. Racing to find the Gear in the Australian Outback, Sam and Eva must also outrun their enemies in the race for the Dream Gate. Can they reach it in time? Sam must find the last 13.

2: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 12

Best Suited 8-15 Years
At the end there is only—darkness.
With only days left in the final countdown, Sam and Eva must brave the dangers of Antarctica to rescue Alex and find the twelfth Dreamer and Gear.
As the world plunges further into chaos, the last 13 prepare to fulfil the prophecy. But all is not as it seems.
An impossible, amazing discovery underneath the ice will bring them all closer to the end of the race, but with betrayal on every side, how can they make it out of there alive?
Sam must unite the last 13. Time is running out.

1: The Last Thirteen Serie Book 13

Best Suited 8-15 Years
I can’t run anymore. The race is ending.
Sam makes a shocking discovery about the last 13 that will change everything. The shattering revelation will set the race on a dangerous course, more terrifying than Sam’s worst nightmares.
With the world in turmoil and their enemies circling closer, the last 13 assemble in Egypt to fulfil the prophecy. Can they all make it to the end alive or will the power beyond the Dream Gate be lost to evil forever?
The last 13 is complete. The battle ends now.

Chasers: Alone Series Book 1

Best Suited 12-17 Years

Jesse is on a UN Youth Ambassadors camp in New York when his subway carriage is rocked by an explosion. Jesse and his three friends, Anna, Dave and Mini, crawl out from the wreckage only to discover a city in chaos. Streets are deserted. Buildings are in ruins. Worse, the only other survivors seem to be infected with a virus that turns them into horrifying predators …

Survivor: Alone Series Book 2

Best Suited 12-17 Years
After the stunning twist at the end of book 1, SURVIVOR, Jesse finds himself truly alone. The military personnel he meets are guarded – but it seems likely that safety lies just outside the battered city. When Jesse meets three very different fellow teens, he is offered a badly-needed sense of community. But will Felicity, Jesse and Rachel help him escape and return home, or will he be trapped indefinitely – and always within reach of the merciless, contaminated Chasers?

Quarantine: Alone Series Book 3

Best Suited 12-17 Years
It’s now or maybe never sixteen year old Jesse has spent eighteen days in post-apocalypse New York, waiting for help that never comes. He owes it to his new friends, Rachel and Felicity, to go beyond their temporary refuge to find other survivors who may hold the key to escape. Could the collective at Chelsea Piers have the answers or prove to be just another distraction in his quest? Meanwhile, Jesse is burdened with guilt and sadness at the fate of his other friend, Caleb, who has fallen prey to the virus and become a Chaser. So when it emerges that a cure-all serum may be available, Jesse determines to secure it to save his friend. At any cost perhaps even his own future.

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