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James Foley
Prep- Grade 6
Western Australia

Please note: James is fully booked for August 2024. However does have availability in the weeks around it.

James is the author/illustrator of the S.Tinker Inc graphic novel series for middle primary: Brobot, Dungzilla, Gastronauts and Chickensaurus. He also illustrated the Toffle Towers series, and the CBCA-shortlisted (and cult favourite) My Dead Bunny.

His earlier books In The Lion, The Last Viking and The Last Viking Returns have all scored several honours, including children’s choice awards, recognition in the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year awards, and selection to the International Youth Library’s White Raven list. James is an ambassador for Books In Homes and Room To Read. He is a massive Marvel movie nerd. He comes from a long line of queuing enthusiasts.

His latest graphic novel series is Secret Agent Mole. Book 1: Goldfish-Finger and Book 2: The Boar Identity are out now, and Book 3: Dr Nude is out in April 2024.

Books by James Foley


Best Suited 3+ Years
A worthy and timely story about having the courage to follow your dreams and believing in yourself.

Stella wants to be an astronaut. There is only one problem- Stella is an elephant. Every time she applies to Space Command, they come with a new reason she can’t join. But where there’s a will, there’s a way and Stella is determined to reach for the stars.

Goldfish-Finger (Secret Agent Mole, Book 1)

Best Suited 7-10 Years
Max is a mole on a mission. With Helen Hippo and June Bug by his side, Max must stop the evil Goldfish-Finger from stealing a priceless, solid gold fishfinger. This dangerous, top-secret mission will involve explosions, a naked mole rat, and being flushed down a giant toilet. Will Max and the team defeat the fiendish fish? Time to rock and mole!

The Boar Identity (Secret Agent Mole: Book 2)

Best Suited 7-10 Years
When Star Division discovers a magical meteorite with anti-gravity powers, Dr Nude will stop at nothing to get his naked little hands on it – including brainwashing a Star employee! This important mission features a secret mountain base, an exploding rocket and a flying pig with no clothes on. Can Max Mole, Helena Hippo and June Bug stop Dr Nude’s evil plans? I hope so, otherwise we’re all doomed! It’s time to Rock and Mole!

Dr. Nude (Secret Agent Mole: Book 3)

Best Suited 7-10 Years
Dr Nude’s anti-gravity Doomsday Device is ready to blow. Max and the team have to stop it or the entire Earth could be split in two … and then they’ll never get their secret agent licences! But first, our heroes need to sneak into a fancy-dress party. Will they have good disguises? You bet. Will the disguises work? Probably not, no. Is Max prepared for what he’ll find in Dr Nude’s lair? Goodness no. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure you’ll be prepared either, dear reader. You have been warned. Time to rock and mole!

My Dead Bunny; A Zombie Rabbit Tale

Best Suit 7-12 Years
My dead bunny’s name is Brad; his odour is extremely bad. He visits me when I’m in bed, but Bradley wasn’t always dead …

A hilarious rhyming tale about a zombie bunny who comes back to visit his owner.

There’s Something Weird About Lena

Best Suit 7-12 Years
On my first day back at school

I met a girl called Lena.
Every time she acted mean
she laughed like a hyena.

There’s something a little odd – a little weird about Lena. Could she be hiding a scary secret behind her schoolyard pranks and beastly laugh? It may take a committed band of courageous classmates to uncover the hideous truth

Brobot (Graphic Novel)

Best Suited 9-11 Years
Have you ever thought you could invent a better sibling? Sally Tinker did. This is the first book in the S. Tinker Inc. series of graphic novels.

Sally is the world’s foremost inventor under the age of twelve, and she just knows she can build a better brother than the messy, smelly version she has. Sally’s invention – Brobot – is fantastic, that is until the remote gets broken and Brobot careens out of control. Sally realises that maybe there’s more to a brother than just his inconveniences.

Gastronauts (Graphic Novel)

Best Suited 9-11 Years
Sally Tinker, the world’s foremost inventor under the age of 12, is back with a new adventure in invention. The third book in the S. Tinker Inc. series of graphic novels is a gut-wrenching, stomach-turning escapade into the human body.

Sally has been testing brain-enhancing nanobots – but now they’ve been accidentally swallowed by her baby brother Joe. The only way to stop Joe turning into a superbaby and wreaking super havoc is to shrink herself and travel inside Joe’s body on a journey to tackle the problem head-on. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, this is only the beginning.

Chickensaurus (Graphic Novel)

Best Suited 9-11 Years
Sally Tinker, the world’s foremost inventor under the age of 12, is back with a new adventure in invention. When Sally’s nemesis hatches a fowl and poultry plot, there’s no room for the lily-livered. Sally and co will need all their pluck to return the world to its rightful pecking order. This is the fourth book in the S. Tinker Inc. series of graphic novels.

When Sally’s archenemy Dexter Maelstrom invites her to a demonstration of his new invention, she doesn’t expect it to actually work. Dexter’s De-Evolving Ray can turn chickens into dinosaurs! But when Dexter’s chickensaurs breaks free and go on the hunt, Sally – along with her friend Charli and her baby brother Joe – must avoid becoming chicken feed. Is Dexter behind this dastardly plan – or is somebody else the bad egg?

Dungzilla (Graphic Novel)

Best Suited 9-11 Years
Sally Tinker – the world’s foremost inventor under the age of 12 – is back with a new adventure in invention. When a friend’s beloved pet goes on a dung-rolling rampage through her home town, Sally is stuck in the muck – just how much manure can she endure while saving the world?

Sally has built a machine capable of enlarging any object, but when she tries resizing a slice of pizza, she accidentally enlarges a dung beetle to scary proportions. As the hungry beetle rolls itself a dung ball large enough to crush an entire town, Sally races to fix her new machine, but not before her baby brother Joe makes himself enormous and saves the day. Unfortunately, Joe can’t be shrunk down immediately, and he desperately needs a nappy change.

In the Lion

Best Suited 3-7 Years
In the city there’s a zoo. And in the zoo there’s a lion. And in the lion there’s …

So begins In The Lion, a darkly funny picture book for younger readers. A young boy visits the zoo with his family, only to find an enormous lion is swallowing everything and everyone it can. Only the boy has the courage to stand his ground and stop the lion.

The Last Viking

Best Suit 5-7 Years
Young Josh is very brave. He’s not afraid of anything – except maybe the dark. Pirates worry him a bit, of course, and so do boy-eating dinosaurs, and monsters under the bed. He’s also just a little afraid of dragons and vampires. But other than those few things, Josh is as brave as a lion. Sort of.

When Josh comes face to face with real life trouble, he begins to find out how brave he really is . . .

The Last Viking Returns

Best Suit 5-7 Years
Josh is as brave as a Viking warrior. And not much can scare a Viking. Not even bullies. But the two littlest Vikings are so fearless they think they’re invincible. When Pop takes the family to Viking world, the two littlest Vikings go beserk. Josh is in for one rocky ride as he discovers just how far he’ll go to keep them safe.

Fully Booked: Toffle Towers #1

Best Suited 9-11 Years
Toffle Towers hotel has been run by a Toffle for over one hundred years – and it’s about to be inherited by the next generation.

The Great River Race: Toffle Towers #2

Best Suited 9-11 Years
Chegwin’s adventures at Toffle Towers continue when, one by one, his hotel staff are ‘reverse mugged’ by two mysterious men. Meanwhile, the town of Alandale is preparing for the annual Great River Race.

Order in the Court: Toffle Towers #3

Best Suited 9-11 Years
The adventures at Toffle Towers hotel continue as the manager – 10-year-old Chegwin Toffle – battles with blizzards, rioting guests, and hostile takeover attempts!

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