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Jacqueline Harvey
Author | Prep- Grade 6
New South Wales

Jacqueline Harvey has had a passion for storytelling since she was a child. These days, having written more than 50 books she is one of Australia’s most popular authors for children. Best known for her various award winning series fiction including Alice-Miranda, Kensy and Max and Clementine Rose her sales number over 2 million copies. In 2022 she released a picture book called That Cat, which is illustrated by one of her former students, Kate Isobel Scott, and aimed at a young audience. The Daring Tale of Gloria the Great, about a wayward chicken is the duo’s second offering released in September 2023 and they have a new series about Kevin the Sheep coming in early 2024. Jacqueline has recently released a new junior fiction series called Willa and Woof – perfect for readers making the transition to longer chapter books. Her Alice-Miranda books have been made into two animated feature films available on STAN and Nine Now.
A highly experienced Deputy Head, teacher and presenter, Jacqueline has delivered thousands of talks and workshops for children and adults at schools and festivals around the world.

With a reputation for creating books that are filled with adventure, mystery, humour and heart Jacqueline is currently working on several exciting new projects. She has narrated over a dozen audio books as well.

Books by Jacqueline Harvey

Alice-Miranda and the Christmas Mystery

Christmas is almost here, and Alice-Miranda and her closest friends are celebrating
early at Highton Hall. But it’s not all gingerbread, parties and present shopping.
There are mysteries to be solved!
Why are Christmas decorations disappearing and local stores empty of festive treats?
What long-kept family secret does Alice-Miranda discover? More importantly, what will she do about it?

The Daring Tale of Gloria the Great

Best Suited 3+ Years
Gloria the chicken is not like the rest of her brood. She gets in your face, she runs her own race, until one day . . . POOF! She disappears without trace!

Laugh along at Gloria’s antics in this quirky tale that celebrates individuality. Inspired by the real adventure of a one-of-a-kind chicken.

Mimi is Missing (Willa and Woof 1)

Best Suited 6 – 9 years old
From the bestselling author of Alice-Miranda comes this humorous and heartfelt series about eight-year-old Willa and her best four-legged friend, Woof!
Willa’s in trouble. Mimi – the famous racing pigeon owned by Frank, her neighbour and best old-aged friend – is missing. And Willa is pretty sure she’s the one who left the cage door open . . .
She’ll need her most creative ideas (along with the help of Tae, her best same-age friend, and her trusty sidekick Woof, the albino Irish Wolfhound) to track Mimi down before Frank finds out!
Can Willa find Mimi before it’s too late?

Birthday Business (Willa and Woof 2)

Best Suited 6 – 9 years old
Willa’s best old-age-friend Frank hates birthdays, but that’s not going to stop her from throwing him the greatest surprise party ever!;;Willa plunges headlong into party planning and things immediately start to go wrong. She’ll need all her problem-solving skills (with the help of Tae, her best same-age friend, and her trusty sidekick Woof) to save the celebration!;;Can Willa pull off the surprise?

Grandparents for Hire (Willa and Woof 3)

Best Suited 6 – 9 years old
Willa has the perfect solution for kids who don’t have someone to bring to Grandparents’ Day at school – hire an oldie from the retirement village next to her house!

But things aren’t exactly going to plan. Frank, her best old-age friend, won’t let her borrow him and something strange is going on with her best four-legged friend and trusty sidekick, Woof.

She’ll need her most imaginative ideas yet (and the help of Tae, her best same-age friend) to sort everything out in time!

Can Willa make Grandparents’ Day a big success

Wedding Rescue (Willa and Woof 4)

Best Suited 6-9 Years
Summer has arrived and Willa’s excited – it’s time for Aunty Jane’s wedding!

But December means it’s bushfire season too and Willa’s town is in danger. When a spot fire burns down the wedding venue, she has to jump into action to save the day.

She’ll need to enlist the help of some of Sunset Views retirement village’s most talented residents (along with Tae, her best same-age friend; her trusty sidekick Woof; and Frank, her best old-age friend) to pull everything together.

Can Willa find a way to rescue the wedding?

Let the Games Begin (Willa and Woof 5)

Best Suited 6-9 Years
Adventure, imagination and loads of fun!

It’s oldies versus kids when Sunset Views Retirement Village hosts its very first Tournament of the Ages!

Willa’s helping plan the event, but one of the older kids on the committee doesn’t want her there. Plus, she needs to find time to train for her first ever proper gymnastics competition!

She’ll need the help of Tae, her best same-age friend, to stand up to her bully; Frank, her best old-age friend, to practise her vault routine; and Woof, her best four-legged friend, for moral support.

Can Willa juggle it all?

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