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George Ivanoff
Author | Prep- Year 9

George Ivanoff has written over 100 books for kids and teens. He is best known for the interactive You Choose books and the non-fiction Survival Guides. His latest book is the middle-grade novel Monster Island. He’s also written the Gamers trilogy, the RFDS Adventures, the OTHER WORLDS series and the picture book Meet… The Flying Doctors; as well as a ton of school readers and educational books. 

George’s books and stories have been shortlisted for numerous awards and he’s even managed to win a few of them — most notably a YABBA award for You Choose: The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove.  

George drinks too much coffee, eats too much chocolate and watches too much Doctor Who. He has one wife, two kids and an uncontrollable imagination.

Books by George Ivanoff

Monster Island

Best Suited 8-12 Years old

Jurassic Park meets Stranger Things in a story where the creatures are out of this world!

After following his mum to her top-secret new job, Bernie finds himself on a mysterious remote island inside the Bass Strait Triangle. The scientists working there call it Monster Island, and Bernie soon discovers why . . .

Here, extinct and mythical creatures are alive! But that’s not the only mystery. Why are there so many mushrooms? Where have the hostile black drones come from? Who controls them? And why are they spying on the creatures on the island?

Bernie and his new friend Ivy are determined to find out.

The Supernatural Survival Guide

Best Suited for ages 10-14 years
Have you had a close encounter with a UFO? Is your house HAUNTED? Have you seen a YETI? Don’t worry, THE SUPERNATURAL SURVIVAL GUIDE has all the info you need to survive a brush with the SPOOKY. The world is a pretty amazing place, but there are still things out there that are full of mystery and make us wonder . . . Is the Loch Ness Monster real? Does Big Foot exist? Are there scientific reasons for hauntings? What is cryptozoology? What can explain groups of people witnessing UFO sightings? THE SUPERNATURAL SURVIVAL GUIDE will tackle these and other questions about all things paranormal. There is so much WEIRD stuff out there . . . but the TRUTH is IN HERE!

The Human Body Survival Guide

Best Suited for ages 10-14 years
Can you imagine anything more gross than the human body?

The Human Body Survival Guide will take you on a weird and wonderful journey and teach you everything you wanted to know about our bodies, and some stuff you didn’t want to know! Ever wondered what the biggest organ in the body is? Whether your nose and ears continue to grow after you die? Or what a healthy poo looks like?

The Australia Survival Guide

Best Suited for ages 10-14 years
Our amazing country has its fair share of dangers- sharks, snakes, cyclones and paralysis ticks can be a serious threat to your life! But don’t worry. This book will help you by providing the KNOWLEDGE you need SURVIVE in all kinds of Aussie conditions.

Game on! The Gamers Trilogy Book 1

Best suited 12+ Years
Tark and Zyra are teenaged thieves on a quest. In a world of magic and science, where dragons and mages exist alongside drones and lasers, they endeavour to reach the haven of Designers’ Paradise.

Level up! The Gamers Trilogy Book 2

Best suited 12+ Years
Tark and Zyra, life was literally just a game, controlled by the all-powerful Designers. But then they broke the rules and life got a whole lot more complicated . . . and deadly.

Game over! The Gamers Trilogy Book 3

Best suited 12+ Years
Tark and Zyra finally make it out into the real world . . . but things are not quite what they expected. 

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