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Gavin Aung Than
Prep- Grade 6
Western Australia
Gavin Aung Than is a New York Times bestselling author and illustrator. After working in the corporate graphic design industry for 8 years he quit his unfulfilling job to follow his true passion: drawing comics. His work includes Zen Pencils, a cartoon blog which adapts inspirational quotes into comic stories and was named one of PCMag’s best 100 websites of 2013, the middle grade graphic novel series Super Sidekicks and the new picture book series Baa Baa Black Belt. He lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife and two daughters.

Books by Gavin Aung Than

No Adults Allowed: Super Sidekicks Book 1

Superheroes have it soooo easy. They don’t have to clean their secret headquarters, wash alien bloodstains out of their costumes, or walk Super Mutt. NO! They leave that for their sidekicks, while they get all the credit.

Well, Junior Justice, aka J.J., has had ENOUGH! He thinks it’s time the sidekicks made a team of their own. Dinomite and Flygirl are ready to join the team, but first they have to prove to the adult superheroes that they’re more than just sidekicks. And once the evil Dr Enok discovers his favorite pet Goo has left him, the world might need saving sooner rather than later . . .

Ocean’s Revenge: Super Sidekicks Book 2

A massive underwater threat is coming!

The Super Sidekicks make a splash on their first official mission. Can they stop the Mother of the Seas from destroying humanity?

Trial of Heroes: Super Sidekicks Book 3

The Super Sidekicks are invited to join the coolest superhero club on earth. (No biggie!) But first, they must complete the hardest challenge in the universe . . .

Baa Baa Black Belt (Baa Baa Black Belt Book 1)

Hi! Welcome to my farm. It’s where I do my training. I practise martial arts when it’s sunny, cold, or raining! My name is very famous. Do you know how it’s spelt? Here, let me remind you: they call me … Baa Baa Black Belt! This bumbling sheep thinks he’s a karate master … but is he?

Wake Up, Sheepy Head! (Baa Baa Black Belt Book 2)

“Win the morning, win the day,” that’s what I always say. Join me, Baa Baa Black Belt, as I use my martial arts skills to help the lazy farm animals to rise and shine!

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