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Fiona Harris
Prep- Year 12

Fiona has been writing books, as well as writing and performing for television, film, and theatre, for over twenty years. She co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred in the internationally award-winning comedy web series, The Drop Off, with her husband, Mike McLeish. Channel 9 screened a telemovie version of the show in 2021. She has written seventeen books, for both kids and adults in the past four years. In 2020, Fiona and Mike adapted The Drop Off into an adult fiction novel with
Echo Publishing. It’s sequel, The Pick-up, was released in the following year in 2021. Other published works include No Apologies, co-written with Sharni Layton, five books for the junior fiction series, Sam Kerr – Kicking Goals, two books in Liz Watson’s junior fiction series, Diary of a Netball Star and two picture books with AFL star Marcus Bontompelli, Little Bont and the Big Secret. She also created and authored the children’s book series, The Super Moopers, and has written other book series based on Dreamworks’ Trolls franchise and the hugely successful animated TV series, Miraculous: Tales of Lady Bug and Cat Noir. A personal and professional highlight was working with 97-year-old holocaust survivor Abram Goldberg to write his memoir – The Strength of Hope.

Her numerous television acting credits include roles in The Beautiful Lie, Upright, Tangle, Ex-PM, Mr & Mrs Murder, The Time of Our Lives, Offspring, Beaconsfield and The Librarians. She has also performed in, and written, numerous theatre productions, as well as many shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, including the hit show, Plus One, with her husband, Mike McLeish.

Books by Fiona Harris

Turbo Pup

Best Suited 3-7 Years
CJ is small, this much is true, but there is something special this puppy can do … CJ the pup is mocked by the bigger dogs for his size. But when the town is in danger, can the super speedy puppy save the day? Written by rugby league star, Tom Trbojevic.

Netball Newbie (Diary of a Netball Star Book 1)

Best Suited 7-11 Years
Liz Watson loves reading, baking, and hanging out with her BFF, Katie. But there’s one thing she loves the most … netball. Read all about it in her diary! Liz’s best friend, Katie, has signed up to a try-out day at the local netball club, and Liz decides to give it a go too! But she’s never played netball before. What if the rest of the team don’t like her? What if she can’t shoot a goal? What if she forgets all the rules? Will she be the next netball star?

Let’s Party (Diary of a Netball Star Book 2)

Best Suited 7-11 Years
Liz Watson loves reading, baking, and hanging out with her BFF, Katie. But there’s one thing she loves the most … netball. Read all about it in her diary! Liz is loving her new netball team. She’s even invited them all to her birthday party! But when one of the girl’s precious bracelets goes missing, Liz is worried the team think she’s the thief. Add to that some tough netball competitions and a case of chicken pox, and Liz has a tough time on her hands!

New Player (Diary of a Netball Star 3)

Best Suited 7-11 Years
Liz Watson loves reading, baking, and hanging out with her BFF, Katie. But there’s one thing she loves the most … netball. Read all about it in her diary! Liz’s netball team are on their way to the semi-finals! But then their star Goal Attack breaks her ankle! Coach Michelle finds a new player, Emma, who is rumoured to be an excellent shooter. But the moment she starts playing, she misses every goal! What is going on? Can Liz find out in time to help her team get to the finals?

The Flip Out: Sam Kerr Kicking Goals Book 1

Best Suited 7-11 Years
Sam Kerr is an Aussie rules football fan through and through. But when she’s excluded from her team she doesn’t know what to do. Netball? No thanks. Chess? Bleugh.

Her best friends Dylan and Indi think she should flip from AFL to soccer – and it doesn’t seem so bad at first. The coach is OK. The team seems nice enough …

But with Chelsea the school bully on her case and the pressure of learning new rules weighing her down, will it all be too much? Will Sam give up – or will she make the flip?

A New Knight: Sam Kerr Kicking Goals Book 2

Best Suited 7-11 Years
After a rough start, Sam Kerr settles into playing soccer for the Knights. But there’s so much to learn – new rules and positions and strategies … Lately, it seems like soccer is the only thing she can think about.

When she finds out she’ll have to wear a dress (gross) and dance in front of a hundred people at her cousin’s upcoming wedding (terrifying), Sam feels like she’s all but had enough. So why isn’t her best friend Indi supporting her? And why is school bully Chelsea suddenly a bit … nice?

Will Sam be able to mend her friendships – and score a few goals in the meantime – before it’s too late?

Sports Day: Sam Kerr Kicking Goals Book 3

Best Suited 7-11 Years
It’s official! Eleven-year-old Sam Kerr is a fully-fledged soccer tragic! So, when the school’s annual Sports Day comes around, she is disappointed when soccer isn’t on the list of activities.

Sam goes on a mission to get her beloved game added to the program. With help from her best friends, Indi and Dylan, she petitions her classmates to create the first-ever soccer team in the history of her school. But will Chelsea stir up trouble and ruin everything?

On the home front, Sam and her siblings are organising a surprise party for their parents’ wedding anniversary. But things aren’t going to plan! And with her team’s grand final just around the corner, there’s a lot to deal with … even for a soccer superstar in the making!

Finals Fever: Sam Kerr Kicking Goals Book 4

Best Suited 7-11 Years
Sam Kerr has only been playing soccer for a few months and now her team is playing in the finals! She can’t believe it! But when her best friend, Dylan, is appointed team captain, Sam is worried that his shyness might get in the way. Together with her other bestie, Indi, they must find a way to help him overcome his nerves.

Meanwhile, Sam has become friends with her new neighbours Jake and Will. But strange things start happening: she loses her new water bottle, her soccer boots go missing, and her dog, Penny, disappears from the garden.

Sam has had enough! It’s time to get to the bottom of the mystery in the midst of preparing for her finals match. It’s not always easy being a soccer superstar!

Cup Countdown!: Sam Kerr Kicking Goals Book 5

Best Suited 7-11 Years
The 2006 World Cup is around the corner and thirteen-year-old Sam Kerr is pumped! Even though the games are being played on the other side of the world, Sam and her best friend, Dylan, are planning to get up early to watch the games live on TV. They couldn’t be more excited!

But there’s more for Sam to get excited about when she’s invited to trial for a rep soccer team; the coach of the team has seen Sam play and is blown away by how good she is. Sam is thrilled when she gets into the team, then she realises she has to juggle training with the Knights AND with her new rep team. And when her mum and dad organise a family holiday interstate it looks like Sam might have to miss out because of her new timetable.

Sam starts to question if she’s really ready for the big time. Will watching the World Cup convince her that she wants to play in the rep team, or will the juggle of school, training and games all become too much for a girl who has just started high school?

The Strength of Hope: A Holocaust Survivor’s Guide to Love and Life

Best Suited 12+ Years
One of the most uplifting stories you will ever read. Abram Goldberg is a beacon of joy and optimism, and a master of keeping perspective.

The day Abram and his mother arrived at Auschwitz death camp they both knew it would be her last. In their final moment together, Abram’s mum urged her nineteen-year-old son to ‘do everything humanly possible to survive, and tell people what happened here’. Then she was taken to a gas chamber and murdered. Abram had already endured and survived so much until that moment, but with his strength of hope, sometimes reduced to a flicker, he survived.

After liberation, Abram eventually found his way to Belgium, where he met the love of his life, fellow Auschwitz survivor Cesia. The young couple came to Australia, where that flicker of hope grew as bright as the sun, illuminating everything they touched and everyone who came into their sphere. Without bitterness and always with perspective, Abram has never forgotten his mother’s last words to him. And in their seventy-five years of marriage, Abram and Cesia have remained dedicated to educating people about the Holocaust and to living their lives to the fullest in tribute to its victims.

The Drop-off

Best Suited 13+ Years
Lizzie, Megan and Sam became accidental friends over good coffee, banter and wrong-world jokes at school drop off. Lizzie is a part-time midwife with four kids and a secret past. Sam is an ex-chef and stay-at-home dad with an absent, high-flying corporate wife. Megan is an ex-model single mum with a thriving online business and no time for loneliness. None of them have much interest in their school community, but when tragedy deals Baytree Primary’s reputation a potentially crippling blow, this unlikely trio have to step up. Forced out of their respective comfort zones, Lizzie, Megan and Sam learn more about each other, the school and themselves than they thought possible.

And it all begins at the drop-off.

The Pick-up

Best Suited 13+ Years
Lizzie, Sam and Megan are very different people who became best friends over good coffee and good laughs at school drop-off.

Single-mum Megan is contemplating a slightly scandalous relationship. Newly divorced Sam is navigating the ‘delights’ of online dating. And Lizzie is flat out juggling four kids and an absent husband. As if that wasn’t enough, this year the trio have decided to embrace their inner parent helper and volunteer to go on the annual school camp.

If they think their personal lives are chaotic, this camp’s going to teach them what chaos really means …

Little Bont’s Brave Play

Best Suited 3+ Years
Marcus had a bad day on the footy field, but maybe his Nonna’s birthday lunch will cheer him up.

Marcus loves visiting his Nonna, although he’s afraid of her spooky cellar. Marcus has never been down there, and he never will. But when disaster strikes, Little Bont might have to face his fear to save Nonna’s birthday dessert …

From Western Bulldogs’ captain and four-time club Best & Fairest winner Marcus Bontempelli comes a heartwarming story about courage, family …. and of course, a little bit of footy.?

Little Bont and the Big Secret

Best Suited 3+ Years
Marcus absolutely positively LOVES footy. But there’s something he loves even more than footy … his Nanna Nancy!

Nanna is always there for Marcus. So when Marcus accidentally kicks his football into Nanna Nancy’s favourite garden gnome, he panics! Owning up to his mistake might land him in trouble. But lying to his Nanna doesn’t feel so good, either …

From Western Bulldogs’ captain and three-time team Best & Fairest winner Marcus Bontempelli comes a heartwarming story about honesty, family …. and of course, a little bit of footy

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