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Dee White
Prep-Year 9

Dee has been a writer since she was seven and has now authored more than 25 books including the award winning Beyond Belief, inspired by the true story of Muslims at a Paris Mosque who saved Jewish Children in WW2, the hilarious Eddy Popcorn books and her biographical fiction about Professor Emma Johnston in the popular Aussie STEM Stars series.
She loves travel and research and will do almost anything for a good story including jumping out of a plane (with a parachute) and touring the Paris sewers. She is the cofounder of the Author Pen Pals program, expected to reach around 10000 students around Australia this year.
Dee has presented in schools and at festivals around the world and loves doing author residencies, encouraging students to write like an author, and be as passionate about storytelling as she is.

Books by Dee White

Emma Johnston Marine Biologist and TV Presenter

Best Suited 10-13 years
Emma Johnston AO FTSE FRSN is the Dean of Science at the University of New South Wales and President of Science & Technology Australia. She is an authority in marine ecology and a former Pro Vice-Chancellor at UNSW. Johnston’s research group at UNSW investigates the ecology of human impacts in marine systems, combining the diverse disciplines of ecology, microbiology and ecotoxicology to expand fundamental understanding and provide recommendations for management. Her research is conducted in such diverse field environments as Sydney Harbour, Antarctica, the Great Barrier Reef and temperate Australian estuaries. She is a regular media commentator and, as co-presenter of the Foxtel/BBC television series Coast Australia, which has helped take Australian marine science to an international audience. She also launched a Sydney Harbour cruise called Underwater Secrets’ – Sydney Harbour Revealed, which focuses on scientific research into the waterway.


Beyond Belief

Best suited 9+ years
Inspired by the true story of Muslims who saved the lives of Jewish children in the Second World War.

Reena’s Rainbow

Best Suited for 6-8 years
Reena is deaf and Dog is homeless, but they are also so much more than that.

K9 Heroes: True Tales of Real Rescues

Best Suited for 8-12 years
K9 Heroes is an amazing collection of stories of real rescues and incredible animal bravery.

Eddy Popcorn’s Guide to Parent Training

Best suited 8+Years
The school holidays have started and EDDY POPCORN is about to turn twelve. Then disaster strikes—Eddy is GROUNDED for not doing his homework. Parents suck! Faced with not seeing the beach, or his mates, for the WHOLE holidays, Eddy puts all of his frustration into a helpful book for kids: EDDY POPCORN’S GUIDE TO PARENT TRAINING. Chock FULL of laughs and mushrooms, this guide is sure to be a HIT!

Eddy Popcorn’s Guide to Teacher Taming

Best suited 8+Years
School is back and after EDDY POPCORN’S Guide to Parent Training was accidentally uploaded to the school blog, Eddy’s punishment isn’t detention, but PUBLIC SPEAKING! Teachers are the WORST! Forced to face extreme HUMILIATION, Eddy decides to write his guide to avoiding classroom cruelty: Eddy Popcorn’s Guide to Teacher Taming. Full of rule-bending tips—and rabbits—this is every student’s guide to SURVIVAL!

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