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Crystal Corocher
Primary Middle Years (Years 3 – 4) | Primary Upper Years (Years 5 – 6) | Secondary Lower Years (Years 7 – 8) | Secondary Middle Years (Years 9 – 10) | Secondary Senior Years (Years 11 – 12)

In 2022 Crystal was shortlisted for an ABIA Award as a Rising Star of Australian Publishing for her work in the children’s publishing industry and dedication to student reading engagement. She is an Australia Reads Ambassador author and an advocate for diversity in children’s literature.

Crystal’s sessions are dynamic and engaging; from igniting passion in your most disengaged students to the development of gifted writers, thought-provoking student led Q&A sessions – covering all areas of creative writing, publishing and media and more, your students will love it!

Crystal brings a wealth of knowledge to your classroom with a bookish background that spans literacy education, library management and curation, in-house publishing experience and a career in journalism that spans television, radio and print-news. With sessions designed for all ages of students and care to align with curriculum and classroom goals, your enrichment visit with Crystal will be jam-packed with new tricks, tips and techniques to get creating!

Books by Crystal Corocher


Best Suited 3-10 years
In the tradition of great high seas adventure stories of times passed, with one key difference – this is a true story! The epic adventure of four-year-old Giovanni and the journey that could have ended his life, bringing him instead to start a new adventure in a new country, Australia.

The Naked Sheep

Best Suited 3+Years

Latest styles, hippest trends,

layered bangs and trimmed split ends…

This salon offers it all!

But, with the outrageous ‘Lightning’ Lizzy holding the clippers, her woolly customers often get more than they baaaargain for!


Dust Makers

Best Suited 13+Years

Dust Makers: people, machines, attitudes, evidence.

Who are we when the stakes are our survival, and the change makers might be us?

Short stories about sustainability, caring for the environment and the legacy we leave.


Dust Makers is a collection about our impact on the world around us. With a focus on simple sustainability, care for the environment and for each other, these stories consider the impact we have on the spaces we live in and the legacy we leave for the future. We want it to be about our consideration of what is around us and what we leave for the future. We want the stories to be contemporary, historical or futuristic with consideration of the impact we make on our environment and on one another.

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