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Coral Vass
Author | Kinder- Grade 6

Coral is an award-winning children’s author, presenter, editor and reviewer. She has a background in Media, and this year marks her 20th published children’s book.

Her books include Sorry Day 2018 (Speech Pathology Awards Book of the Year and 2019 CBCA Book of the Year – Eve Pownall Award), Grandma’s Treasured Shoes (2021 Caleb Book of the Year), and Jørn’s Magnificent Imagination (2023 CBCA Notable and shortlisted for 2023 Speech Pathology Book of the Year).

Coral’s books have appeared on ABCTV’s Playschool as well as on StoryBox Library. Coral is an ambassador for Reading Out of Poverty and is passionate about children’s literacy and giving all children equal opportunity to learn.

As well as writing, Coral loves to visit schools, kindergartens and libraries. She shares her passion for children’s picture books with storytelling and writing workshops that ignite imagination and help children create their very own stories. Coral runs a variety of different sessions tailored to your school’s curriculum and teaching objectives, from Kindergarten through to Yr 10. 

The workshops cover topics such as: Advance Writing Techniques, Poetry, Character Development, Story Themes and Motifs, The Importance of Reading, Writing for Children, Opening Sentences, Self-Editing and Where Do Ideas Come From.

Books by Coral Vass

Goodnight Possum

Best Suited 3+ Years
Deep in a hollow, near Ironbark Creek, Blossom the Possum was trying to sleep. But it’s raining and all the animals come, one-by-one, to share her warm hollow. How will Blossom ever get to sleep?

The Forgotten Song, Saving the Regent Honeyeater

Best Suited 3-9 Years
The song of the regent honeyeater has been heard in the bush for many generations — but could it soon be lost forever?

Regent’s father had learnt the song from his father, who learnt it from his father too. But with Regent’s species now facing extinction, there is no one around to teach him. Regent tries to mimic the sounds of different birds but without success.

Will Regent learn his mating call before it’s too late? Or will his ancient song be forgotten forever

Please Handle with Care

Best Suited 3-6 Years
Bear is having a bad day. Nothing is going right, and he wishes he was somewhere else … a long way from home.

What will it take for Bear to feel better?

An uplifting tale about a bear discovering what truly matters at the end of the day.


Best Suited 3+ Years
Will loves to whinge. He is the master of complaining. Until one night, a magnificent hot-air balloon takes Will to an odd little town where the townspeople crown him King. But with everyone in town being constant complainers – will this moaning, groaning King really want to keep the crown?

Everyone needs a little groan now and then, but some people just take it too far! Meet Will. He is a grumble machine who doesn’t like anything. From ice-cream being too cold to spaghetti being too long! When a mysterious balloon takes Will to the town of Whingeville, the hot air balloon ride may not be the only fresh perspective.

Amanda Commander and the Purple Invitation

Best Suited 6 – 9 years
When every girl in Year Three gets an invitation to Eves birthday party except Amanda, Amanda makes a plan, with the help of the Dolphin Squad, to win herself an invitation before the week is through. Its OPERATION INVITATION! Amanda tries everything to make Eve like her and get an invitation to the party, until she finally learns its more important to be kind, not for what you can get but because of who you are.

Amanda Commander: The Pinky Promise

Best Suited 6 – 9 years
With the school’s Cross Country coming up, the Dolphin Squad puts together a plan to make it fun, even for Mai, who doesn’t like running. But when the race starts, and the plan goes out the window, and Amanda has to decide whether to go to Districts with the rest of the squad, or stop to help someone.

Amanda Commander – The Yellow Dress

Best Suited 6 – 9 years
When Amanda and her friends find out Eve has the exact same yellow dress as Amanda and is planning to wear it to the School Disco, Amanda needs to find a way to change Eve’s mind.


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