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Claire Thompson
Kinder- Grade 6
New South Wales

Claire Thomson is an Australian children’s author and media professional based in Sydney. Driven by her background in journalism, she has a nose for sniffing out true stories to empower and inspire.

Real children with extraordinary tales sit at the heart of Claire’s books. Claire’s debut picture book Lily The Inventor is the inspiring story of Lily Born, who created the Kangaroo Cup to help her grandpa. Claire’s second book, Croc Candy, is due for release in 2024 and features real-life croc star Angus Copelin-Walters, a young entrepreneur with a sweet tooth.

Claire’s interactive school sessions focus on inspiring kids to believe in themselves and dream big. Claire is passionate about empowering kids to follow their dreams and be the hero of their own story!

Books by Claire Thompson

Lily the Inventor; The True Story of the Kangaroo Cup

Lily was 7 years old when she invented the Kangaroo Cup. Today this special invention helps thousands of people all around the world.

Lily’s mind is full of wonderful ideas and WHIZZ-BANG inventions. She ponders puzzles and plans. She studies sketches and scribbles. When her biggest hero needs a little extra help Lily knows just what to do. She sets to work on her most important invention yet

Grandpa is Lily’s hero and he has Parkinson’s Disease. Follow Lily Born’s true story as she sets out to create a spill-proof cup a Kangaroo Cup

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