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Catherine Jinks
Author | Kinder- Year 12+
New South Wales

Catherine is a four-time winner of the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award for her books Eye to Eye, Pagan’s Vows, You’ll Wake the Baby and A Very Unusual Pursuit.

She has also won a Victorian Premier’s Literature award, the Adelaide Festival award for literature, the Ena Noel Award for Children’s Literature and an Aurealis Award for Science Fiction. In 2001 she was presented with a Centenary Medal for her contribution to Australian Children’s Literature. Catherine’s other titles include the picture book Barney, her adult thriller, Shepherd and the Theophilus Grey series.

Apart from her talks and workshops on writing in general, Catherine can provide specialist historical fiction writing workshops, and has also paired up with Gretta Serov, a disabled writer with severe cerebral palsy who talks using an iPad and her nose, to present a talk on inclusive stories.

Books by Catherine Jinks


Best Suited 3+ Years
My fabulous freckles
are wonderful fun.
A hundred and twenty!
I’ve counted each one.

A gorgeous story about loving who you are – all the way down to the last freckle!

Mrs Koala’s Beauty Parlour

Best Suited 3+ Years
Mrs Koala runs the most popular beauty parlour in town, but she’s so busy with her clients, she doesn’t even know how many she has.


Best Suited 13+ Years
Jane is a contact tracer. She has to call a lot of people and some of them don’t want to talk. Various reasons-tax or immigration issues, infidelity. Domestic abuse.;;Jane knows all about that. She and her daughter Tara have spent years in hiding from Tara’s manipulative and terrifying ex. Now, as Jane talks to a close contact, she realises the woman on the phone is scared of the same man-and he’s close. Too close.;;Suddenly the past comes slamming back into the present as Jane realises she and Tara can’t keep running forever. One day, they’re going to be found.

The Attack

Best Suited 13+ Years
Robyn Ayres works as the camp caretaker on Finch Island, a former leper colony off the coast of Queensland. Her current clients are a group of ex-military men who run a tough-love program for troubled teens. The latest crop looks like the usual mix of bad boys and sad boys. Then Robyn takes a second look at a kid called Darren. Last time she saw him his name was Aaron, and Robyn was his primary school teacher. And she was somehow at the centre of a vicious small-town custody battle involving his terrifying grandmother. Bruising classroom dynamics, manipulative parents and carers and horrendous small-town politics form the backdrop to a nail-biting thriller in which the tensions of ten years ago start to play themselves out, building to a violent climax in the present day. Robyn escaped the past once. Now it’s back-and this time there’s no way out.


Best Suited 13+ Years
Meg lives alone. A little place in the bush outside town. A perfect place to hide. That’s one of the reasons she offers to shelter Nerine, who’s escaping a violent ex. The other is that Meg knows what it’s like to live with an abusive partner.

Theophilus Grey and the Demon Thief

Best Suited for ages 10-14 years
Twelve-year-old Theophilus Grey – Philo to his friends – heads a team of linkboys who guide Londoners home through the dank eighteenth-century alleys by the light of their torches

Theophilus Grey and the Traitor’s Mask

Best Suited for ages 10-14 years
The companion novel to Theophilus Grey and the Demon Thief is a fast-paced adventure as Philo graduates from petty fraud and street crime to high-level political espionage.

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