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Belinda Murrell
Author | Kinder- Year 10
New South Wales

Belinda Murrell worked as a travel writer and journalist before becoming the award-winning author of more than 35 books, ranging from junior fiction to adult non-fiction. Her presentations and writing workshops are energetic and dynamic, inspiring students from kindergarten to year 12. Belinda’s books include Meet Zoe and Zac, popular series The Sun Sword, Lulu Bell and Pippa’s Island, historical novels The Ivory Rose, The Forgotten Pearl and The Lost Sapphire, and fantasy timeslips The Golden Tower and The Silver Sea. Accolades include Honour Book KOALAS, shortlisted nine times for YABBA (Young Australians Best Book Award), CBCA Notable 2012 and 2017 and highly commended in the PM’s Literary Awards. Belinda was the 2023 winner of the Society of Women Writers Di Yerbury Award, a three month residency in the UK. Her latest junior fiction series The Daredevil Princess will be released in 2024.

Books by Belinda Murrell

The Daredevil Princess and the Golden Unicorn (Book 1)

Best Suited 6-10 Years
A royally fun junior fiction series filled with magic, adventure and daring . . . and a very sassy unicorn.

Princess Tillie is brave and bold, clever and curious, daring and very determined.

Which is just as well because there is trouble in the Queendom of Blumenfeld. A sneaky thief has been stealing the royal roses. The Summer Harvest Festival will be a disaster!

Princess Tillie sets out to trap the thief and solve the mystery, with the help of King Edwin’s latest invention. But a sassy, golden unicorn called Honey Blossom turns everything upside down.

Can Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom save the day?

The Daredevil Princess and the Goblin King (Book 2)

Best Suited 6-10 Years
Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom go exploring down a secret tunnel in Rosenburg Palace. It leads to Apple Tree Creek Farm, just outside the town walls.

But strange things are happening there. Kobold, the Goblin King, and his minions are causing much mischief, mess and mayhem. Lukas, the farm boy, is at his wits’ end.

Can Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom trick the wicked goblins and send them home?

The Daredevil Princess and the Fire Dragon (Book 3)

Best Suited 6-10 Years
Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom are ready for another magnificent adventure when a greedy fire dragon causes endless trouble in the Queendom of Blumenfeld. First, it dries up the river, then causes trouble for the villagers.

Can Princess Tillie outwit the fiery dragon in a riddle battle and save her little brother?

The Daredevil Princess and the Grumpy Giant (Book 4)

Best Suited 6-10 Years
Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom are excited. It’s the mid-winter Eistfest and all the townsfolk of Rosenburg are celebrating. But things go wrong when a naughty prank wakens Bodo, the giant. The festival will be ruined!
Can Princess Tillie be brave enough to face Bodo and stop her gigantic troublemaking?

The Golden Tower (Tuscian Series Book 1)

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
Transported to the land of Tuscia, Sophie accidentally saves the daughter of a wealthy family and is swept along on their journey to the Golden Tower.
Now she is the only one standing between sisters Isabella and Bia and the terrible fate their stepmother has planned.
Sophie doesn’t think she is brave enough, but with the help of a talking cat, a stableboy and some very tiny mischief makers, she might be able to save the day.

The Silver Sea (Tuscian series Book 2)

Best Suited 9-12 Years
The second book in Belinda Murrell’s Tuscian series, set in an Italian Renaissance inspired world filled with magic, mystery, mischievous creatures, and danger at every turn!
‘You don’t understand how dangerous this is. Anyone you see could be a spy. You cannot trust anyone.’
Sophie returns to the magical land of Tuscia and is instantly thrown into danger – Nanna and Caterina Rossellana have been kidnapped.
To save them, Sophie and Nicco must team up with a theatre troupe who are performing for the Mago, in the city across the Silver Sea.
Can Sophie unravel the political intrigues of Venetto and save the grandmothers? Or will she fall foul of the evil Mago and be thrown into the dungeons to be eaten by the Mostro of the Dark Waters?

Searching for Charlotte

In Searching for Charlotte, Forsyth and Murrell tell Charlotte’s story along with that of their own journey to discover her. In an intriguing account, the sisters join the reader in reacting to Charlotte’s actions: wondering what could have motivated certain choices; admiring the strength of spirit that pushed Charlotte through turmoil in the Australian colonies; and reviling attitudes that were common to the mid-1800s but are abhorrent in the twentieth century.

The extraordinary, long-buried life story of Australia’s earliest published children’s author, Searching for Charlotte combines elements of biography, recreation of history and rediscovery of family history. It is a sometimes confronting but ultimately heartwarming journey into the story of a family with writing in its blood.

Lulu Bell and the Birthday Unicorn

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
It s almost time for Lulu s little sister s birthday party. But there s a problem! A pony is running loose and Lulu and her dad, the local vet, have to rescue it.

Lulu Bell and the Christmas Elf

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
Cooking, a concert, and cricket on the beach – it’s a Lulu Bell Christmas story!

The Bell family are preparing for the best Christmas ever. There are presents to wrap, yummy food to cook and costumes to sew.

But Lulu’s friends Olivia and Jo are too sad to sing in the school concert because their little cat Bonnie is missing. Can Lulu cheer them up and help find Bonnie before Christmas Eve? Maybe a special letter to Santa will help.

Lulu Bell and the Koala Joey

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
Lulu Bell’s beach holiday is about to begin!
Lulu and her friend Zac like to spot wildlife in the bush nearby. But bulldozers have arrived and the trees might soon be gone.

Lulu Bell and the Arabian Nights

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
It’s Harmony Day at Shelly Beach School, and Lulu’s class is going to star in the school play. What will be the special theme this year?

Lulu is sure that the new girl in her class will have good ideas. How can she make Amira feel welcome? The answer is a happy surprise for everyone!

Lulu Bell and the Pyjama Party

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
The best kind of bedtime story is a Lulu Bell story!

Molly and Sam and Ebony the kitten are staying the night for a pyjama party. Yay! Lulu is looking forward to stories and games and snacks.

But it’s a busy night for Dad’s vet hospital. An orphaned wallaby joey needs care and a mother dog arrives at the vet hospital ready to have her puppies. Dad needs Lulu and Molly’s help – even if they’re still in their pyjamas!

Lulu Bell and the Cubby Fort

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
Lulu and her family are visiting their uncle’s farm for the Easter holidays. There are horses to ride, a creek to swim in, and they can even sleep outside in a tent. What fun!

Lulu loves being a cowgirl on the farm, especially when all the cousins decide to build the best cubby fort ever. But when she sees a calf get stuck in the mud, Lulu has to find help – fast!

Lulu Bell and the Moon Dragon

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
Lulu’s best friend, Molly, is preparing for the Moon Festival. But there’s so much to do! There are dragon costumes and paper lanterns to make, and yummy moon cakes to bake, too.

Lulu and her mum offer to help out, and soon everyone gets involved. This will be a Moon Festival to remember!

Lulu Bell and the Pirate Fun

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
The farm is one of Lulu’s favourite places. It’s perfect for a pirate party to celebrate Gus’s birthday. If only it would stop raining!

Where can the kids build the pirate ship they’ve promised Gus? Put your gumboots on, everyone, because Lulu has the answer. But where is that naughty dog, Jessie?

Lulu Bell and the Fairy Penguin

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
Meet Lulu Bell. Where there’s Lulu, there’s family, friends, animals and adventures galore! It’s a hot day and the Bell family is going for a swim.

Lulu Bell and the Sea Turtle

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
Lulu Bell is off on the adventure of a lifetime!

Lulu and her family are setting off on an adventure a long way from home. Mum has been invited to visit an Aboriginal community to choose paintings for an art exhibition.

Lulu, Rosie and Gus are having lots of fun swimming and fishing with their new friends. But there is one thing Lulu would really like to see. Can wishing upon a star help her dream come true?

Lulu Bell and the Tiger Cub

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
Everyone loves a trip to the zoo – especially Lulu Bell!

Year Three are going on an excursion to the zoo. Luckily the zoo vet is one of Dad’s best friends, so Lulu and Molly and their friends get special treatment!

When a tiger cub gets into trouble and hurts its leg, the zookeepers have to take it to the hospital. The zoo vet sets to work – with Lulu and Molly looking on. Will the tiger cub be OK?

Lulu Bell and the Magical Garden

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
After a  summer storm the school garden is ruined! Can Lulu and her best friend Molly save the day?

The Quest for the Sun Gem – The Sun Sword Trilogy #1

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
After their village is attacked, a young brother and sister set off on a dangerous quest to save their captured family and friends – and free their land from the Sedah invaders.

Voyage of the Owl – The Sun Sword Trilogy #2

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Roana have cracked the code, only to find that the Moon Pearl is being sent by ship to the land of the invaders. The four children must give chase to save the precious stone!

The Snowy Tower- Sun Sword trilogy #3

Best Suited 9-11 years old

The adventure is far from over as Ethan, Lily, Saxon and Roana ride for the snowy mountains to rescue a prince – and save the kingdom.

The Beach Shack Café – Pippa’s Island #1

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
Pippa has just arrived at a new school, in a new town, and even living on a gorgeous island isn’t cheering her up. Her arrival causes ripples at Kira Island Primary School – but Pippa soon starts to make friends with eco-warrior Meg, boho-chick Charlie, and fashionista and cupcake baker Cici.

Cub Reporters- Pippa’s Island# 2

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
Pippa is settling in to her island home – she’s even learning to surf. School is abuzz when Mrs Neill announces the launch of a new student newspaper.

Kira Dreaming – Pippa’s Island #3

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
Kira Cove Public School is hosting a talent quest. Cici, Meg and Charlie couldn’t be more excited to perform, but Pippa gets butterflies at the thought of singing on stage.

Camp Castaway – Pippa’s Island #4

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
The students in class 5M are heading off to school camp. The Sassy Sisters look forward to five blissful days together exploring Shipwreck Island’s beaches and lagoon. But when the teams get regrouped, Pippa has to learn to cooperate with Olivia and the other girls.

Puppy Pandemonium – Pippa’s Island #5

Best Suited for ages 9-11 years
Pippa has her Sassy Sisters come up with a plan to make some cash- Pippa’s Perfect Pooch Pampering! Before long, Pippa has her hands full with adorable but pesky pups.

Aussie Kids: Meet Zoe and Zac at the Zoo

Best Suited 6-8 Years
Hi! I’m Zoe and this is Zac.
We’re so lucky we live at the zoo!
As a birthday treat, we’re helping out with the animals.
We can’t wait!

The Lost Sapphire

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
A peacock hatbox, a box camera and a key on a velvet ribbon provide clues to what happened long ago . . .

The Forgotten Pearl

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
‘Let me tell you a story. A story about friendship and sisters, about grief and love and danger, and about growing up . . .’

The River Charm

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
Could the ghost girl Millie has painted be her own ancestor? The river pebble charm has an astonishing story to tell . . .

In 1839, Charlotte Atkinson lives on a grand estate with her mamma and her sisters and brother. But after her father dies, things go terribly wrong – murderous convicts, marauding bushrangers and a cruel new stepfather. The family flees on horseback to a hut in the wilderness. They must fight to save their property, their independence and even their right to stay together. Will they ever return to their beautiful home?

The Ruby Talisman

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
Tilly falls asleep wishing she could escape to a more adventurous life. In 1789, Amelie-Mathilde is living in luxury at the Palace of Versailles – but her guardians want her to marry the horrible Chevalier. She falls asleep wishing someone would rescue her.

Tilly wakes up beside Amelie-Mathilde. The timing couldn’t be worse. Starving peasants are rioting and the palace is in chaos. Tilly knows Amelie and her cousin Henri must escape if they are to survive the Revolution. With mutinous villagers, vengeful servants and threats at every turn, will they ever reach safety?

The Ivory Rose

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
Jemma has just landed her first babysitting job, in one of the famous Witches’ Houses. Sammy says it’s haunted, but Jemma doesn’t know what to believe.
One day Jemma discovers an ivory rose charm. As she touches it she sees a terrifying flashback. Is it the moment the ghost girl was murdered? Jemma runs away but tumbles down the stairs. She wakes up in 1895, unable to get home.
Jemma becomes a maid – but all is not well in the grand house. Jemma begins to suspect that the young heiress, Georgiana, is being poisoned. Now she must find the proof and rescue her friend – before time runs out.

The Locket of Dreams

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
‘She didn’t know why she felt the urge to wear the old necklace. It just seemed to have a magnetic pull on her?
When Sophie wears the heart-shaped locket, she magically travels back to 1858 to learn the truth about her ancestor. Charlotte Mackenzie and her sister, Nell, live a wonderful life on a misty Scottish island. Then disaster strikes and it seems the girls will lose everything they love. As the girls outwit greedy relatives, escape murderous bushrangers, and fight storm and fire, Sophie shares in their adventures. But how will her travels in time affect Sophie’s own life?

The Sequin Star

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
‘This is impossible. I must be dreaming. Why does the newspaper have a date that is more than eighty years ago?’

Claire finds a sequin star among her grandmother’s treasures. Why does she own such a cheap piece? The mystery deepens when the brooch hurtles Claire back in time to 1932.

Claire finds herself stranded in a circus camp. The Great Depression has made life difficult, but Claire befriends performers Rosina and Jem, and a boy called Kit who watches the show every night.

When Kit is kidnapped, it’s up to Claire, Rosina and Jem to save him. But Claire wonders who Kit and Rosina really are. One is escaping poverty and the other is escaping wealth – can the two find happiness together?

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