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Belinda Murrell
Author | Kinder- Year 10
New South Wales

Belinda Murrell worked as a travel writer and journalist before becoming the award-winning author of more than 35 books, ranging from junior fiction to adult non-fiction. Her presentations and writing workshops are energetic and dynamic, inspiring students from kindergarten to year 12. Belinda’s books include Meet Zoe and Zac, popular series The Sun Sword, Lulu Bell and Pippa’s Island, historical novels The Ivory Rose, The Forgotten Pearl and The Lost Sapphire, and fantasy timeslips The Golden Tower and The Silver Sea. Accolades include Honour Book KOALAS, shortlisted nine times for YABBA (Young Australians Best Book Award), CBCA Notable 2012 and 2017 and highly commended in the PM’s Literary Awards. Belinda was the 2023 winner of the Society of Women Writers Di Yerbury Award, a three month residency in the UK. Her latest junior fiction series The Daredevil Princess will be released in 2024.

Books by Belinda Murrell

COMING SOON! The Daredevil Princess and the Golden Unicorn (Book 1)

A royally fun junior fiction series filled with magic, adventure and daring . . . and a very sassy unicorn.

Princess Tillie is brave and bold, clever and curious, daring and very determined.

Which is just as well because there is trouble in the Queendom of Blumenfeld. A sneaky thief has been stealing the royal roses. The Summer Harvest Festival will be a disaster!

Princess Tillie sets out to trap the thief and solve the mystery, with the help of King Edwin’s latest invention. But a sassy, golden unicorn called Honey Blossom turns everything upside down.

Can Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom save the day?

COMING SOON! The Daredevil Princess and the Goblin King (Book 2)

Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom go exploring down a secret tunnel in Rosenburg Palace. It leads to Apple Tree Creek Farm, just outside the town walls.

But strange things are happening there. Kobold, the Goblin King, and his minions are causing much mischief, mess and mayhem. Lukas, the farm boy, is at his wits’ end.

Can Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom trick the wicked goblins and send them home?

COMING SOON! The Daredevil Princess and the Fire Dragon (Book 3)

Princess Tillie and Honey Blossom are ready for another magnificent adventure when a greedy fire dragon causes endless trouble in the Queendom of Blumenfeld. First, it dries up the river, then causes trouble for the villagers.

Can Princess Tillie outwit the fiery dragon in a riddle battle and save her little brother?

The Silver Sea

Best Suited 9 – 11 Years
The second book in Belinda Murrell’s Tuscian series, set in an Italian Renaissance inspired world filled with magic, mystery, mischievous creatures, and danger at every turn!
‘You don’t understand how dangerous this is. Anyone you see could be a spy. You cannot trust anyone.’
Sophie returns to the magical land of Tuscia and is instantly thrown into danger – Nanna and Caterina Rossellana have been kidnapped.
To save them, Sophie and Nicco must team up with a theatre troupe who are performing for the Mago, in the city across the Silver Sea.
Can Sophie unravel the political intrigues of Venetto and save the grandmothers? Or will she fall foul of the evil Mago and be thrown into the dungeons to be eaten by the Mostro of the Dark Waters?

The Golden Tower

Best Suited for ages 9-12 years
Transported to the land of Tuscia, Sophie accidentally saves the daughter of a wealthy family and is swept along on their journey to the Golden Tower.
Now she is the only one standing between sisters Isabella and Bia and the terrible fate their stepmother has planned.
Sophie doesn’t think she is brave enough, but with the help of a talking cat, a stableboy and some very tiny mischief makers, she might be able to save the day.

Searching for Charlotte

In Searching for Charlotte, Forsyth and Murrell tell Charlotte’s story along with that of their own journey to discover her. In an intriguing account, the sisters join the reader in reacting to Charlotte’s actions: wondering what could have motivated certain choices; admiring the strength of spirit that pushed Charlotte through turmoil in the Australian colonies; and reviling attitudes that were common to the mid-1800s but are abhorrent in the twentieth century.

The extraordinary, long-buried life story of Australia’s earliest published children’s author, Searching for Charlotte combines elements of biography, recreation of history and rediscovery of family history. It is a sometimes confronting but ultimately heartwarming journey into the story of a family with writing in its blood.

Lulu Bell and the Birthday Unicorn

Best Suited for ages 6-8 years
It s almost time for Lulu s little sister s birthday party. But there s a problem! A pony is running loose and Lulu and her dad, the local vet, have to rescue it.

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