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Ashleigh Barton
Prep- Grade 6
New South Wales

Ashleigh Barton is a bestselling children’s author from Sydney, Australia. After completing a law degree, Ashleigh decided she preferred books and spent the next six years working in publishing where she ran marketing and publicity campaigns for internationally renowned authors and illustrators. Now she writes books of her own, in between looking after her three small children and freelance copywriting. Her books include middle grade series Solomon Macaroni and five multicultural picture books including CBCA shortlisted title, What Do You Call Your Grandma? and CBCA Notable titles, What Do You Call Your Grandpa? and How Do You Say I Love You?

Books by Ashleigh Barton

COMING SOON! Dinosaur in My Pocket

James loves two things more than anything in the world: dinosaurs and miniatures. So when his class goes on an excursion to a museum and James finds a miniature dinosaur in the gift shop, he can’t help himself: he steals the dinosaur. But as the day continues, James’s guilt grows. And so does the dinosaur!

The only thing that can cure James’s guilt – and shrink the dinosaur back to its proper size – is doing the right thing.

A warm-hearted cautionary tale for sticky fingers everywhere.

Solomon Macaroni and the Vampire Vacation (Book 2)

Best Suited 8+ Years
You’ll never believe where SOLOMON MACARONI is heading…

The world’s friendliest vegetarian vampire and his six mischievous cousins are going to Paris with Uncle Dracula. They can’t wait for the fine food, fabulous fashion and fang-dangled art. But Uncle Dracula is not himself. When the kids see the Mona Lisa, they get an idea to cheer him up … and it’s their naughtiest one yet.

With the help of an overly friendly hotel manager, they hatch a ridiculous plan to steal the famous painting. Before they know it, they’ve accidentally unleashed mayhem, with music-hating skeletons and grudge-holding gargoyles roaming the streets.

Can Solomon and his favourite cousin, Lucy, restore order before evil reigns over Paris forever?

Solomon Macaroni and the Cousin Catastrophe (Book 1)

Best Suited 8+ Years
Solomon Macaroni is the sweetest vampire you’ve ever met. Can he survive one hundred years staying with his naughty prankster cousins?
You’ve never met a vampire like Solomon Macaroni before – he’s friendly, polite and makes a mean tofu Bolognese. Understandably, when his parents go on a one-hundred-year cruise without him, Solomon is not impressed. Especially because it means having to stay in creepy Transylvania with his six cousins, who are the rudest and naughtiest vampires in existence. (Well, apart from Lucy. He likes her.) Not even his uncle, Count Dracula, the oldest vampire in the world, can stop their pranks. Solomon wishes he could spend the next hundred years alone at his own house with his spider friend, Fred, instead.
But when his cousins venture into the spooky Wildwood on a dangerous mission, Solomon – against his better judgement – agrees to help Lucy rescue them. At least, that’s what he thinks he’s doing. In the forest, Solomon must draw on all he knows – about old magic, wet wipes and the importance of a well-timed entrance – to save his catastrophic cousins and possibly the world.

How Do You Say Hello?

Best Suited 4+ Years
In every country around the world,
we all have ways to greet
the people that we know
and the people that we meet.

How Do You Say I Love You?

Best Suited 4+ Years
In every country around the globe,
we all have ways to show
the people who mean the most to us
what they ought to know.


What Do You Call Your Grandma?

Best Suited 4+ Years
In every country around the world are grandmas short and tall.\
Though they go by different names, we love them one and all.

What Do You Call Your Grandpa?

Best Suited 4+ Years
In every country around the world are grandpas short and tall.
Though they go by different names, we love them one and all.


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