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Amy Adeney
Prep- Grade 6

After working in public relations for five years and for ten years as a primary teacher, Amy turned her attention to writing for children as a way of sharing her passion for all things bookish. Amy is the author of the six-book junior fiction series Tilda Teaches , and the picture book Turning Cartwheels. Her newest junior fiction book Trick Shot Trevor was released in 2023, and her next picture book, The Little Street Library, will be published in June 2024. When she’s not writing, teaching or reading, Amy can be found attempting (semi-successfully) to train her bichoodle Fred, trying (unsuccessfully) to find a recipe that both her children will like, and catching up on the latest goings-on in Summer Bay.

Books by Amy Adeney

COMING SOON! The Little Street Library

Best Suited 4+Years
Rafi and her next-door neighbour Leo LOVE stories. Leo even built a little library so they could share books.
But when Leo moves away, Rafi’s street feels empty. Who will she share stories with now?
And then she has an idea …

Trick Shot Trevor

Best Suited 7+ Years
Nine year old Trevor’s absolute favourite thing is trick shots watching them, doing them, planning them. He knows that his online trick shot channel is going to be bigger than big as soon as his parents allow him to start one! Until then, he’s working on creating a fabulous collection of videos so that as soon as he’s old enough to put them online, he’ll be ready. Every week, he works on perfecting a new skill or talent, and turning it into a super awesome video. Which would be a brilliant plan, if only life didn’t keep getting in his way! The drama of the story is found in the struggle between what Trevor thinks he wants (to be a famous trick shotter) and what he knows is the right thing to do in his daily life.

Turning Cartwheels -When Trying to Fit in Leaves You in a Spin

Best Suited 6+ Years
Emma is desperate to join queen bee Carly’s Cartwheel Club. When she is finally accepted, she finds that Carly’s rules take all the joy out of cartwheeling, and being part of the gang isn’t as awesome as she expected. A clever exploration of the social bullying conducted by ‘frenemies’ that is so often experienced by primary school-aged girls.

Tilda Teaches Animal Care

Best Suited 6+Years
Tilda wants to get a dog, but her parents say no. They tell her that Baby Joe is too young for a pet, and that dogs are expensive to keep. But Tilda is sure a dog will be a better family member than Baby Joe, who can be so annoisy that’s right, annoying and noisy. Tilda decides to make the money she needs for a dog herself. She runs an animal care class, making pet products she can sell. But will Tilda make enough money for her own dog, or will she have an even better idea.

Tilda Teaches Cartwheels

Best suited 6+ Years
Tilda is so excited to show Binky and Harry what a superstar swimmer she is, with her splashy splashes and fishy flips. But when she realises she can’t swim properly, Tilda is embuzzled. That’s right, embarrassed and puzzled! Maybe Tilda will feel better if she teaches her friends something actually fun like cartwheeling! Tilda’s cartwheel class is super fun, until it rolls out of control.

Tilda Teaches Chatterboxes

Best Suited 6+ Years
Tilda has just come back from an amazing holiday. She can’t wait to tell Binky and Harry all about it! But her two best friends can’t stop talking about their holiday together, and it sounds like they had the Best Time Ever! Tilda is feeling jealoppointed. That’s right, jealous and disappointed! Maybe Tilda can stop her friends from talking about their holiday by teaching them to make paper chatterboxes.

Tilda Teaches Drawing

Best Suited 6+Years
Serafina is Tilda’s new art teacher. Serafina wears super arty clothes, cool jangly earrings and has a real artistic spirit. Tilda is keen to show Serafina that she has an artistic spirit too. But when Serafina starts giving Tilda’s good friend Binky all the attention Tilda feels confusible. That’s right, confused and invisible. Tilda starts to question her artistic skills, and is soon running her own art class to help her get better at drawing. But will all Tilda’s drawing practice really help her true artistic spirit shine through.

Tilda Teaches Mash ups

Best Suited 6+ Years
Tilda is so excited when her teacher asks her to run Mash up Dance classes to practise for the school concert. It’s Tilda’s first REAL teacher job! But there is one thing she isn’t so sure about. Tilda has also been asked to give a speech at the concert. Now Tilda is feeling enthusiascared that’s right, enthusiastic and scared! What if she messes up her speech Will the concert be a master mash up or a master disaster.

Tilda Teaches Francais (that’s French!)

Best Suited 6+Years
Tilda has no tonsils. Last week she had her tonsils out, so this week Tilda is stuck at home recovering. Luckily, she has her babysitter Lilly to keep her company. But unluckily, it is French week at school and Tilda is missing out on all the fun. This makes Tilda feel mangry. That’s right, mad and angry. She decides to have her own French week and to teach Lilly all the French words she knows. But will French week at home really measure up.

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