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Allison Tait (A. L. Tait)
Grade 5- Year 8
South Coast region of New South

Allison is the internationally published bestselling author of three middle-grade fantasy-adventure series: The Mapmaker ChroniclesThe Ateban Cipher and The Maven & Reeve Mysteries.

The Mapmaker Chronicles series has been long- and shortlisted for multiple awards, including 2015 CBCA Book Of The Year (Notable), the Aurealis Awards, KOALAs, and the Readings Prize for Children’s Fiction. The Fire Star (Maven & Reeve #1) was a Notable in the 2021 CBCA Book of the Year awards.

Allison is an engaging and entertaining presenter who speaks regularly in schools and at festivals and events for children and adults in Australia and internationally. Her experience as a presenter and course creator (for children and adults) at the Australian Writers’ Centre, the co-host Your Kid’s Next Read podcast, former co-host of the top-rating So You Want To Be A Writer podcast and co-author of the popular book ‘So You Want To Be A Writer (How To Get Started While You Still Have A Day Job) affords her a broad perspective for creating presentations and workshops for students of all ages.

She is passionate about epic adventures, reluctant heroes, compelling mysteries, strong characters (male and female), and the incredible journey that is ‘growing up’.

Allison’s first contemporary middle-grade novel, The First Summer of Callie McGee, was published by Scholastic Australia in August 2023. She is working on a second for 2025.

Books by Allison Tait (A. L. Tait)

The Mapmaker Chronicles Book 1: Race To The End Of The World

Best Suited 9+ Years
‘A map of the world? Why did the King need one of those? Besides, everyone knew that if you went too far in either direction you’d fall off the edge, and if that didn’t kill you Genesi the dragon of death would be waiting.’

The King is determined to discover what lies beyond the known world, and has promised a handsome prize to the ship’s captain who can bring him a map of the whole globe. To do that, they’ll need mapmakers – and 14-year-old Quinn is shocked to be one of the chosen. While his older brothers long for adventure, Quinn is content with a quiet life on the farm, but when word of his special talent gets out, he has no choice but to pack his bags and join the mismatched crew of slaves and stowaways on board the Libertas.

The other competitors will do anything to win, but the greatest danger may come from the strange sea monster hot on their tail or the mysterious uncharted lands for which they are bound. Nobody knows what lies off the edge of the map, but Quinn is about to find out that it’s more than anyone bargained for . . .


The Mapmaker Chronicles Book 2: Prisoner of the Black Hawk

Best Suited 9+ Years
Tomas laughed. ‘You think that’s terrifying? Wait till you meet the pescarn . . . they will eat the flesh off your bones in minutes.’

In the second book in this thrilling series, Mapmaker Quinn is far from home in an exotic land filled with dangerous creatures and ruthless enemies.

When he is betrayed by someone close to him and comes face-to-face with blood-thirsty pirates, he has to decide once and for all who is a friend and who is a foe . . .

Is this the end of the race for Quinn – or just the beginning of another incredible adventure in The Mapmaker Chronicles?


The Mapmaker Chronicles Book 3: Breath of the Dragon

Best Suited 9+ Years
Quinn, Ash, Zain and the crew of the Libertas are racing against the clock to get back to Verdania before the King’s deadline. Will they make it in time? Will Quinn complete the first map of the whole world? Will Zain bring back enough treasure to satisfy the King? Will they win the race to the end of the world?

Or will their enemies stop them from getting back at all?


The Mapmaker Chronicles Book 4: Beyond the Edge of the Map

Best Suited 9+ Years
Quinn is back! He finished his race around the world and is living a quiet life on the family farm, until he discovers that the King’s enemies want to capture him. Quinn is forced to go on the run, taking to the high seas once more. Can he survive when he is double-crossed and left for dead?

The First Summer of Callie McGee

Best Suited 11+ Years
‘The water in a rip current is always calmer than the waves on either side. Once in it, you’re best just to go with the flow.’ It’s the last summer before Callie starts high school and she’s been dragged along to yet another ‘family friends’ holiday. Determined to change her nerdy reputation, Callie sets out to make waves—but nothing is quite as she expects. Her usual ally, Sasha, has outgrown Callie; her nemesis, Mitch, has brought his cousin Owen along; and the boring south coast town of Sawyer’s Point has been rocked by a series of burglaries. Callie, Owen and Mitch decide to investigate the robberies, bringing them face to face with a local gang … and a possible ghost. But when Sasha goes missing, Callie must draw on all her smarts to find her friend, and discovers that being Callie McGee has its benefits. A middle-grade mystery about growing up, figuring things out, and solving the puzzle of who you are.

The Ateban Cipher Book 1: The Book of Secrets

Best Suited 8-12 Years
What’s the secret of the book, and why is it so valuable? These are the questions Gabe must answer when a dying man hands him a coded manuscript with one instruction: take it to Aidan. Gabe is hurled into a quest that takes him beyond his monastery home and into a world of danger, political intrigue and adventure.

As he seeks to decipher the code and find a mystery man who may not even exist, Gabe learns that survival must be earned and that some of life’s biggest lessons are not found in books.

Gabe finds himself questioning everything he knows about right and wrong and wondering if he’ll ever find a way back home. He also discovers that the biggest secret of all may be his own.

The Ateban Cipher Book 2: The Book of Answers

Best Suited 8-12 Years
‘The Ateban Cipher,’ Lucien continued, ‘is also known as the Book of Answers.’

‘Answers to what?’ Eddie asked.

Lucien sighed. ‘Everything.

In the second gripping Ateban Cipher novel, Gabe and his companions journey to a remote mountain citadel where they learn the secret of the mysterious, encrypted book that Gabe has been tasked with protecting. But their enemies are close behind them, and new dangers lie ahead.

As Eddie seeks to regain his crown, and Merry and Gwyn race to free their father, Gabe will discover the answer to his own great mystery – his true identity.


A Maven & Reeve Mystery Book 1: The Fire Star

Best Suited 11+ Years
A maid with a plan.
A squire with a secret.
A missing jewel.
A kingdom in turmoil.

Maven and Reeve have three days to solve the mystery of the Fire Star. If they don’t, they’ll lose everything.

This could be a complete disaster . . . or the beginning of a friendship.

A Maven & Reeve Mystery Book 2: The Wolf’s Howl

Best Suited 11+ Years
A secret mission.
A missing cook.
A hostile landscape.
A mystery to unravel.

Maven and Reeve find themselves at the far-flung and gloomy Glawn Castle while Sir Garrick secretly searches for supporters of the rebellion. But when a cook goes missing and the Airl’s personal guards take more than a passing interest in the disappearance, danger looms and the potential for discovery grows.

Can Maven and Reeve solve the mystery . . . or will they be unmasked and sentenced with treason?

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