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Aleesah Darlison
Primary Lower Years (Prep – 2) | Primary Middle Years (Years 3 – 4) | Primary Upper Years (Years 5 – 6) | Secondary Lower Years (Years 7 – 8) | Secondary Middle Years (Years 9 – 10) | Secondary Senior Years (Years 11 – 12)

Aleesah Darlison is one of Australia’s most popular, award-winning children’s authors. She has published over 65 books and is known for her stories that champion the cause of animals and the environment and for her stories that empower children.

Aleesah has won or been shortlisted for many awards including the Book Excellence Awards, the Environment Award for Children’s Literature, the CBCA Awards, and the Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards. In 2021, she was awarded an Australia Day honour from the Sunshine Coast Council.

Aleesah’s titles include the League of Llamas Series, the Super Sloth Series, the Space Kids Series, the Endangered Animal Tales Series, Puggle’s Problem, Warambi, The Dream Bird, Little Good Wolf, and Running from the Tiger.

Books by Aleesah Darlison

Super Sloth Episode 1: The Shar-Wolf of New York City

Best Suited 7-12 Years
In this origin story, pygmy sloth, Romeo Fortez, is born on remote Escudo Island. At his naming ceremony, a once-in-a-millennium event imbibes him with powers of speed, intelligence, and irresistibly hypnotic good looks. When Romeo moves to New York he discovers that Professor Ian Weird-Warp, a geneticist obsessed with splicing animal genes together, has unleashed a gigantic mutant shar-wolf on the city. With the help of some new human and animal friends, Romeo forms a team of crime fighters to save the city from the evil Professor Weird-Warp and his mutant creation.

League of Llamas 1: The Golden Llama

Best Suited 6-9 Years
The League of Llamas (LOL) are a group of secret llama agents and they’re on a mission to save the world – if only Agent 0011 Phillipe Llamar could stop looking in the mirror at his luxurious fringe and Agent 0013 Lloyd Llamanator could resist the temptation to eat everything in his path! There’s also the thieving General Bottomburp to contend with and a mysterious lady llama in red.

Can Phillipe and Lloyd foil the evil plans of Bottomburp and his badger henchmen? The fate of the Llama Republic’s most prized relic, the Golden Llama, depends on it!

League of Llamas 2: Llama Impossible

Best Suited 6-9 Years
A train speeding out of control, a bold bank robbery and a dazzling diamond heist – trouble is afoot in New Llama City! Luckily, the League of Llamas’ top agents, Phillipe and Lloyd, are on the case. And luckily for them, Mama Llama and agent Elloise Llamaresky are on their cases to make sure the job actually gets done.

Is the odious badger General Bottomburp to blame? Or could there be a new kingpin in town? After all, every secret agent should know that appearances can be deceiving!

League of Llamas 3: Undercover Llamas

Best Suited 6-9 Years
After failing to apprehend some dangerously peck-happy hens, the League of Llamas are going undercover! But these aren’t any ordinary secret identities – Phillipe, Lloyd and Elloise are joining Bruno Llamars (and his grumpy manager, Wally Chimpopo) as band members on the pop star’s next tour . . . to Chickenlovakia.

As the stakes – and tensions – climb higher and higher, will the LOL agents’ cover be blown before they can track down their feathery foes? Only time and some rather alarming discoveries will tell!

League of Llamas 4: Rogue Llama

Best Suited 6-9 Years
League of Llamas secret agent Phillipe Llamar is on the run! Determined to clear his name after being framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Phillipe dons a disguise and goes on the hunt for the true criminal – one Ratrick Tailbiter. But the more Phillipe investigates, the less the case makes sense and the more things start becoming suspiciously . . . smelly.

From Ratopia to Catagonia, Phillipe’s journey leads him far from home. Will he be able to solve this mystery alone? Hunted by friends and enemies alike, this is Agent 0011’s most daring adventure yet!

Space Kids: Sabotage

Best Suited 7-12 Years
Welcome to the world of Misty Space Station and intergalactic adventure! The Space Kids live far from Earth on Misty Space Station. While their parents are involved in maintaining the station and welcoming tourists, the kids get themselves into all sorts of hilarious and dangerous adventures. When eleven-year-old Nash arrives on Misty Space Station, he meets new friends, the Space Kids. But danger awaits the trio. It appears that someone is sabotaging Misty. Could it be grumpy Mr Nakimoto? Will they solve the mystery and save the space station? And, just who is their new friend Bingo Crafter?

Space Kids: Blast Off!

Best Suited 7-12 Years
Get ready to blast off on a fun-filled, fast-paced adventure that’s out of this world!

It’s the inaugural Milky Way Space Race and teams from around the world converge on race host, Misty Space Station, to compete.  When billionaire inventor, Cooper Borgstein and his son, Finn, invite the Space Kids to race with them in their blaster ship, Ventura, it’s an opportunity too good to pass up. But when competitors take it too far and push the rules and each other to the limit, lives are put in danger. Things spiral out of control and its up to Nash and the other Space Kids to save the day.

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